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Chairman's Perspective: Welcome to the Tent

I am pleased to tell you about a new website the URJ is in the process of creating—an information portal we call The Tent. With The Tent, you can log on to a series of private and open sites and:

  • Research and access resources posted by congregations and the URJ Resources Library for information pertinent to your congregation;
  • Search through past discussions and participate in live chats about how other congregations have handled a specific challenge your synagogue faces;
  • Chat with other leaders who either hold similar positions within the Movement or those who are interested in discussing similar topics. For example, you can participate in conversations about spirituality, worship, and education on the Torah site; you can discuss synagogue administration, communications, and security on our Avodah site; and you can also talk about social action, inclusion, and outreach on our G’milut Chasadim site.

With my nontechnical mind, I view The Tent as the Reform Movement’s combination of Google and Facebook—a place where we will be able to build community by sharing ideas and at the same time be strengthened by new sources of information and support developed by both Movement congregations and the URJ. As my grandson Josh always reminds me, “Grandpa, it is the 21st century,” and the URJ with The Tent is joining it in full. To date, sites for the Central Conference of American Rabbis, American Conference of Cantors, and National Association for Temple Administration, among other organizations, have been launched within The Tent. Sites for temple presidents, program directors, other affiliate organizations and URJ partners, and many more will become part of the mix.

To discover how the Tent can support your work, visit us at thetent.urj.net. We look forward to meeting and connecting with you there.

Stephen M. Sacks, Chairman 
Union for Reform Judaism Board of Trustees