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German Government Supports Circumcision: Thanks in part to the World Union for Progressive Judaism, the German parliament has passed a law in support of religious circumcision. After a German court had banned the practice of circumcision on religious grounds, the WUPJ, among others, successfully petitioned the court and government to reverse the decision. The new law states that the ritual must be conducted according to established medical standards, and, if done in the first six months after birth, it may only be performed by persons with adequate training authorized by a religious community. 

URJ Expands into Day Camping: To build upon the URJ's success in Jewishly engaging young people through summer camping, in Summer 2014 the URJ will launch its first affiliated day camp, Harlam Day Camp, in the Greater Philadelphia area. Run by the leadership of URJ Camp Harlam, it will build on the successful URJ Camp Harlam brand, which has a strong area following. 

To learn more contact Aaron Selkow, director of Camp Harlam, at ASelkow@URJ.org or Lisa David, associate director of Camping, at LDavid@URJ.org.