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Demographics: Technology

All Ages
Computer Ownership RJ Readers U.S. Average 35-54
Own a personal computer 69.7% 2 times 96.3%
Are considering buying a PC in the next year 40.8% NA 47.2%
Used the Internet in the last 30 days 71.4% 3 times 94.3%
Subscribe to an online service 60.0% NA 83.2%
Computer Usage      
On average, 2.2 household members (and 3.0 household members of readers age 35-54) use a computer at home
Use it for telecommunications, news, and information services 70.1% NA 76.9%
Use it for personal financial management 54.3% NA 51.9%
Use it for education 38.6% NA 61.5%
Purchase items through the Internet 33.7% NA 55.6%
Plan to take a computer course this year 29.9% NA 28.3%
Electronic Ownership      
Video cassette recorder (VCR) 87.5% 1.3 times 92.6%
Stereo 83.7% NA 92.6%
Cellular telephone 68.5% 2.5 times 77.8%
Camcorder 35.9% 2 times 55.6%
Telephone pager/beeper 25.0% 1.5 times 48.1%
Laserdisc player 11.4% 3.5 times 11.1%
DVD player 6.0% NA 7.4%


Note: Reform Judaism readers are twice as likely to own a personal computer, and 3 times more likely to have used the Internet this past month. One out of 3 readers buy items through the Internet; and 40.8% are considering purchasing a computer this year. Plus, they are 2.5 times more likely to own a cellular telephone and 3.5 times more likely to have a laserdisc player. They represent a prime audience for advertisers seeking sophisticated buyers of computers and technology for the home environment.

1999 MRI Reader Profile Survey