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Demographics: Editorial and Advertising Environment


  • Circulation
  • Total readers per copy:
  • Total readership
  • 97.8% of RJ recipients read Reform Judaism
  • 93.3% like the magazine
  • 82.9% read at least 3 out of 4 issues
  • 71.8% read all 4 out of 4 issues
Spirituality & Influence  
  • 82.1% (90.4% of those 35-54) say that "spirituality is important in my life."
  • In comparison to other publications they receive,
  • 90.1% say, "Reform Judaism makes me think about the things that are most important in life."
  • 88.1% say, "I find Reform Judaism helps me with my spiritual concerns."
  • 76.2% say, "I find myself discussing Reform Judaism with others."
  • 79.3% say, "Reform Judaism has had an influence in my day-to-day life."


Advertising & Influence

  • 41.8% (56.9% of readers 35-54) "trust advertising" in RJ more than in other magazines.
  • Advertising page exposure: 2.41 (and 2.73 for readers age 35-54)
  • Total ad exposures: 1,270,000


Note: RJ readers are loyal, committed to, and influenced by Reform Judaism magazine. They not only believe and trust the editorial content; they "trust advertising" in RJ more than in other magazines. The total number of advertising exposures per issue exceeds one million. What better environment can there be to instill confidence in and awareness of your products and services.

1999 MRI Reader Profile Study