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Reform Judaism magazine is the official voice of the Union for Reform Judaism . With a quarterly circulation of 300,000, RJ links every Reform Jew in the United States and Canada. RJ interprets world events from a modern Jewish perspective and reports on North America’s fastest growing Jewish movement.

Editorial Excellence
Reform Judaism conveys the creativity, diversity, and dynamism of the largest branch of North American Judaism.

Feature Stories
Our feature stories are controversial but not sensational; probe problems and explore solutions; teach and inspire. Examples:

  • "Strange Bedfellows: Jews, Apostates, and the Christian Right"
  • "When Bar/Bat Mitzvah Loses Meaning"
  • "Can a Homosexual Rabbi Serve as a Role Model?"
  • "Pro-Life Hate: Violence in the Name of God"

Focus On
Our educational section instructs our readers in Jewish ritual, history, beliefs, and issues. We provide an in-depth look at one important subject in each edition. Examples: "Ethics," "God," "Judaism On-Line," "Rabbinic Officiation at Interfaith Weddings," "The German Question"

Our lifestyle columns cover travel, ethics, law, family, life- cycle, the synagogue, trends, and other areas of Jewish living.

Our renowned authors have included Elie Wiesel, Alan Dershowitz, George Schultz, Harold Kushner, Carl Sagan, and Arthur Hertzberg.

Market Power
Advertising in Reform Judaism brings results. Advertisers tap into the largest and most affluent Jewish market in the United States and Canada, reaching 300,000 households and nearly a half million readers.

Advertising in RJ provides a double benefit for many of our advertisers. We reach two prime audiences: Reform synagogue members as well as congregational leaders who make temple purchasing decisions for approximately 860 congregations throughout North America. For example, Judaica lines can be marketed directly to our 300,000 homes as well as to hundreds of temples as a fundraiser.

Terrific Timing
Reform Judaism magazine is received in the homes 3-4 weeks before the major Jewish holidays (Pesach, Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah) in order to stimulate sales for our advertisers.

The Right Readers
Discover how our demographics can work for you.

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