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RJ Mag Fall 14 Bondage to Busyness

Bondage to Busyiness

by Alan Morinis
Can you remember a time when you weren’t so busy? Instead of making life easier and more leisurely, technology seems to give us so much more to do. We may be able to keep in touch with many more people and get done in a day what once took a week, but who doesn’t feel run ragged?

Fall 14 Muzzled Feature

Muzzled by the Minority

by Eric H. Yoffie
Many rabbis don’t express their true views about Israel publicly for fear of clashing with a handful of congregants who might lash out against them. But there are ways to navigate this minefield of divided opinion.

Getting In:
What Experts Say

College admissions trends every student and parent needs to know to better your chances of getting into the schools you want.

Release to Right
the World

interview with Kevin M. Kleinman
Judaism’s 7-year-plan to alleviate economic disparity, better steward the earth, and champion social justice.

Chairman's Perspective: Accomplishing Together

by Stephen M. Sacks
The URJ Campaign for Youth Engagement staff move to HUC-JIR is a wonderful example of the possibilities we can accomplish together.

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