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Was the Emancipation Good for the Jews?
Jews were more privileged before the French Revolution.
by Salo Baron

Did Adam and Eve
Eat an Apple?

An apple is not likely. The more plausible fruit is...

by Rifat Sonsino

“Partisans In The Forest,” Irene Lieblich, 1923–2008. Courtesy of Mahil Lieblich, © The Estate of Irene Lieblich, 2013.

Did Jews Go Like Sheep to the Slaughter?

This distorted charge blatantly disregards resistance of the spirit.

by Nechama Tec


Dear Reader: A Little Miracle Happened There
A Hanukkah talk at an all-boys prep school that turned miraculous.
by Rick Jacobs

Through the Lens
Mural in tribute to Cantor Evan Kent, Temple Isaiah, Los Angeles - PDF

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Winter 2013

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Science + Religion = Better World
There is mounting evidence that "religion" and "science" are not adversaries but potential allies which, working together, can improve our lives and our world.
Do you agree?
Story by Geoffrey Mitelman.

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Your Opinion: Science + Religion = Better World?
What do you believe about science and religion? Share your work in the comments section and join the conversation at

Read Justus Baird's blog, "Neuroscience + Rabbinic Wisdom = Better Jewish Education." 



The Diet Trap
by Penina Eilberg-Schwartz
I believed that eating less and less would help repair the world. But depriving ourselves of food keeps us from realizing our full potential—and almost cost me my life.

Becoming Barbra
by David Kaufman
Barbara Streisand, a self-described "ugly duckling," became a glamorous superstar without ever compromising her Jewishness.


Action: Re-imagining the Post-B'nai Mitzvah Experience
Innovative ways congregations are exciting teens about Judaism. 

Chairman's Perspective:
Why I Volunteer

The answer to "Why am I doing this?" is no mystery: We are changing lives.
by Stephen M. Sacks

 My Idea: Let the Mourners Saying Kaddish Stand Alone
by Rosalind A. Gold
I feel "cheated" in honoring my parents' yahrtzeits when everyone stands for Kaddish.

Web Exclusive
Blog: Knowing When It's Time: A Response to Rabbi Rosalind Gold
by Rex D. Perlmeter

 Farewell: Trials & Triumphs
by David Ellenson
Reflections on vital challenges and successes during my 12+ years of service as HUC-JIR president.

by Fred Guttman, Elaine Glickman, and Jeff Goldwasser
Bowing and peacemaking...experiencing the Messiah...rethinking the symbolism of Masada...

Jewish research made easier with the Berman Jewish Data Bank and Jewish Survey Question Bank...

Palestinian Terrorism Pays
For convicted Palestinians in Israeli prisons, terrorism pays. The more heinous the act of violence and the longer the sentence, the higher their salaries—and the cost is subsidized by American taxpayers. Adaptation from the October 2013 book, Financing the Flames.
by Edwin Black


Holidays: Hanukkah:
A Miracle of Trust

The Hanukkah miracle is, at its essence, a miracle of the spirit, offering us an opportunity to open our hearts.
by Alan Morinis

Judaica: Jewish Antiques Appraisal Show
Appraising two ivory silver filigree pieces made in the Bezalel Art School, Palestine.
appraisals by Jonathan Greenstein

Web Exclusive
Discover the value of your antique Judaica. Contact Jonathan Greenstein at

History: Barbara Goodman, Unheralded Hero
The dynamo behind NFTS' Committee on Religion helped pioneer many cultural and religious practices we take for granted today.
by Jonathan D. Sarna 

Teen Talk:
The Power of Faith

Lessons about faith in Auschwitz.
by Gabe Snyder

Journeys: Abraham, Great-Great Grandma Mary, & Me
My soul is woven from the threads of the stories of all those who came before me.
by Vered Harris 

Community: Matzo Balls in the Land of Magnolias
Experiencing "Shalom Y'all," one of the largest Jewish food festivals in America.
by Carol Antman

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