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The Disgrace of
a Nice Jewish Girl
My father believed that intermarriage was a shanda. I hoped to prove him wrong.
by Annette Powers 

What Will the Neighbors Say?! 
How society has changed what it deems a disgrace, and how to break the cycle of unjustified shame.
a conversation with Edythe Mencher and Dale Atkins


My Secret Siblings
Packing up my mother's apartment after her death, I finally found the answers I'd yearned for.

by Marlene Myerson

My Marital Masquerade
My husband was committing crimes to feed his drug addiction. I feared public humiliation.
by Anonymous

Holidays: What Do You Know...about Chanukah Music?
8 questions, answers—& links to the music.
by Jayson Rodovsky
and Rachel Wetstein

Youth Engagement: Launching the B'nai Mitzvah Revolution
Why we need a b'nai mitzvah revolution—and what such a revolution will encompass.
a conversation with Bradley Solmsen and Isa Aron

Books: An Insider's Guide to the Jewish Conversation
Judaism is a "conversation"— and these are the essential texts Jewish conversationalists should know. 
interview with Lawrence A. Hoffman

Judaica: Jewish Antiques Appraisal Show
Appraising an unusual menorah with griffon (dog breed) heads on each side.
appraisals by Jonathan Greenstein

Online Exclusive

Discover the value of your antique Judaica. Contact Jonathan Greenstein at

Portrait: Kerry Glass
Glass' free service Memories Live helps terminally ill people and their families create a personalized movie for posterity.

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Forum for the Future
by Jonathan Sarna, David Cygielman, Yoav Schlesinger, 
Rebecca Missel, David Gerber, Sarah Lefton, Josh Nelson
Six 20s and 30s say what they need to find their home in the Jewish community, and historian Sarna offers historial context.

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Forum for the Future: Home Shuling
by David Cygielman
"My generation may not be willing to take on
the established infrastructure."

Forum for the Future: Rebooting Judaism
by Yoav Schlesinger
"Our needs are not met by belonging; they're met
by experiencing."

Forum for the Future: Reviving the Tribe
by Rebecca Missel
"How many times can a young person go to synagogue alone and be ignored?"

Forum for the Future: Knowing Thy Community
by David Gerber
"Young adults want to be around others who
share their passions."

Forum for the Future: Bar(chu) Hopping
by Josh Nelson
"We want prayer experiences in and of the moment."

Forum for the Future: Pitching to Parents
by Sarah Lefton
“Where can parents of a 3-year-old learn
at the same time?"

Forum for the Future:
The Discontinuity of Continuity

by Jonathan Sarna
What history can teach us about engaging
the next generation of Jews. 

Online Exclusive
Forum for the Future: Fitting In
by Kate Bigam
"I'm scared to encounter congregants who see
visiting young adults as fresh meat."

Online Exclusive
Forum for the Future: We Need Welcoming
by Joanna Brinton
"Some of my friends will not attend a Jewish event alone. Facebook can help."


Dear Reader: History & Herstory
Women are entitled to equal pay in the workforce and proper healthcare within the military.
by Rick Jacobs


The Sacred Circle of Sisterhood
a conversation with Dolores Kosberg Wilkenfeld, Lynn Magid Lazar, and Dara Amram
Three Women of Reform Judaism of different generations offer insider perspectives on the power and promise of Sisterhood in its first 100 years.

Online Exclusive: Sisterhood Timeline 
One hundred years of National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods and Women of Reform Judaism accomplishments.

Omitted Contents - Winter 2012

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Feature Story:
Involving Families with
Young Children

How congregations can successfully engage young families. Consider these congregational models and apply expert tips.
by Barbara Pash

Chairman's Perspective:
Pursuing Justice

The URJ's Just Congregations program assists congregations and individuals in fulfilling their commitment to social justice. Here's how.
by Stephen M. Sacks

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Muhammed Ali's grandson—a bar mitzvah...Reform Jew Olympics star Aly Raisman...Reform rabbi to open medical marijuana dispensary...

  What Works:
How to Catalyze
Congregational Change

Engaging young professionals & new parents...honoring a rabbi by Gail Aspinwall

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