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Rabbi Eric YoffieDear Reader:
A Jewish
Voter's Guide
An ethical framework to guide our political thinking.
by Eric H. Yoffie

Rabbi Rick JacobsAnnouncement: 
Rabbi Richard Jacobs To Assume Responsibility As URJ
1/2012 - PDF
URJ presidential update.


Jewish Antiques Appraisal Show

A menorah with a
Star of David motif
by Jonathan Greenstein

Online Exclusive
Discover the value of your antique Judaica. Contact Jonathan Greenstein at You may see your story in a future Reform Judaism magazine.

Cooking: Festival Favorites—and

Understanding gluten-free foods, plus two gluten-free Chanukah recipes: Sweet Potato and Carrot Latkes and Sweet Potato Spiced Sufganyot
by Tina D. Wasserman

Online Exclusive
Watch writer Tina Wasserman's cooking demos.

Youth: A
Chaperone's Tale
Reflections on having chaperoned 43 teens to Prague as part of NFTY's Dor L'Dor program.
by Marla Feldman

Heroes & Scholars

Reviews of To the End of the Land by David Grossman; Hank Greenberg: The Hero Who Didn't Want to Be One by Mark Kurlansky; Sacred Trash: The Lost and Found World of the Cairo Geniza by Adina Hoffman and Peter Cole
by Bonny V. Fetterman

Online Exclusive
Read and comment on blog posts about the selected Significant Jewish Books.

Meet Our Temple: B'nai Israel Synagogue, Roshester, MN - PDF
Providing hospitality for Jewish residents and patients from all over the world.

Small Congregations: An End Plan
On Your Terms

Helping congregations determine what happens to their building, Torah scrolls and more.
by Jane L. Levere

Spring 2011 CoverWINTER '11 COVER STORY
How Judaism, spirituality, ethics, personal relationships, human endeavors, and genetics contribute to living a happy, fulfilling life. Articles on the science of happiness, ancient and contemporary Jewish teachings, happiness in the face of loss, alleviating neglect of the human spirit, and happy engagement in the world appear below.

Happiness Rx: What Science Says 
interview with Sonja Lyubomirsky
The role of genetics, life circumstances, and intentional activities.

The Intrinsically Good Life 
by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson
Ancient Jewish philosophers’ teachings about happiness.

The Dalai Lama and the Chief Rabbi 
interview with the Dalai Lama and Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Finding happiness in the face of tragedy, loss, and injustice.

An Open Heart 
interview with Alan Morinis
To fully experience joy, one must be able to feel deep sorrow.

Healing “Spiritual Deficiency Syndrome”
by Abraham J. Twerski
Alleviating the cause of enduring unhappiness.

They Call Me Happy. Here’s Why.
by Evan “Happy” Braude
“Engagement gives meaning to my life."


Diplomatic Dead End
by Jeremi Suri 
U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger almost singlehandedly reshaped the balance of power in the Middle East—a balance which reigned for nearly 40 years. How did Kissinger’s escape from Nazi Germany impact his foreign policy? And now, with populist Arab uprisings, how will history judge his legacy?

Reforming Judaism: Voices from the People, Part 1
ideas from Jews throughout the U.S. and Canada 
Readers ideas about how to boost synagogue membership, ensure our economic vitality, and secure our future in North America.

Loving a Good Challenge
a conversation with Stephen M. Sacks
The URJ Board Chairman-Designate reflects on his principles and priorities in strengthening member congregations, the Union for Reform Judaism, and the Reform Movement worldwide.

Haze Over Harmony
by James Rudin
Why have mainline Protestant leaders—our social justice and religious coalition partners—consistently made common cause with the Palestinians, often ignoring Israeli perspectives on the conflict? How can we strengthen our relationships with Protestant churches?


Feature Story:
Leader Readiness Training

How to identify, cultivate, and train the volunteers of today and tomorrow.
by Ryan E. Smith 


Debatable: Is the
Traditional Dues Model
Still Viable?
YES by Mark Jacobson
NO by Judy Buckman
Vote Your View

 What  Works:
Ideas & Initiatives

Changing lives in Charlotte…The Wandering Jews of Astoria…Co-creating a Bat Mitzvah Tallit: Ties that Bind
  Quotable: In Print
A Knesset bill that will tarnish Israel’s image...The biggest moral issue facing humanity today…

  Quotable: The Blogs
Valid historical reasons for celebrating Chanukah…Chanukah as the epic battle waged against the forces of darkness…

  My Idea:
Practice Inclusive Prayer

Follow Lynn Stahl’s example.
by Janet Alyn

URJ grant helps congregation engage young leaders…Joplin tornado elicits caring responses…Union launches virtual high school...Libeskind presents Munich synagogue design…NFTY in Israel: 3 generations…

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Winter 2011

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