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Jewish Antiques
Appraisal Show

"I got this menorah from my grandfather, who got it from his uncle..."
appraisals by
Jonathan Greenstein

Online Exclusive
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Holidays: Becoming
a Maccabee

Every year, each of us gets a chance to be Judah Maccabee.
by Judith Richlin-Klonsky

Books: Landscapes
of Longing

Reviews of Homesick: A Novel, Wherever You Go: A Novel, Devotion: A Memoir, The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe.
by Bonny V. Fetterman

NEW! Read and comment on blog posts about the Significant Jewish Books.

Cooking: The Land of Olives and Oranges
Recipes for Citrus Mélange
and Pasta Riminata.
by Tina D. Wasserman

Online Exclusive
Watch Tina Wasserman's
cooking demos

Choosing Judaism:
Organic Conversion

Creating the conversion conditions to meet the potential convert's "moment."
by Ken Chasen

Choosing Judaism:
Proselytizing Tradition

History and Torah show that Jews were encouraged to proselytize gentiles.
interview with
Harold Schulweis


Dear Reader: Fundamentalists
and Us
What we can learn from haredim and what they can learn from us.
by Eric H. Yoffie

Through the Lens (PDF)
Peter Ruiz of Congregation Or Chadash, Tuscon.

Fall 2010 CoverWINTER '10 COVER STORY
Behind Bullying
In an RJ interview, Dr. Dale Atkins and Rabbi Edythe Mencher explore why some adults act aggressively toward others—what to do when you think it's happening to you.

Also: When Jack Pushed Jill
Down the Hill
Dr. Atkins and Rabbi Mencher teach how to help kids—from tots to teens—handle bullying behavior.


The Chamber of Treasures
by Mark Glickman
A rabbi's quest to follow the trail of the largest trove of ancient and medieval Jewish manuscripts ever discovered.

Strategic Bedfellows
by Martin Sherman
Israel and India have developed a vibrant relationship that could well change the geopolitical landscape in one of the world's
most volatile regions.

2 Jews, 3 Opinions, 1001 Periodicals:
All the Views Fit to Print

by Jonathan Sarna
The evolution of the American Jewish press and what it tells
us about ourselves.

Transcending an "Artless Tradition"
by Lance J. Sussman
The birth of modern Jewish art movement out of an
"artless tradition."


Focus: Einstein's God (PDF)
Join us in a quest for Einstein's God.

Time - The Persistent Illusion
Einstein rejected the notion of a past, present, and future; for him, time was eternal.
interview with Krista Tippett and Paul Davies

Judaism Before the Clock
The early rabbis would probably have been sympathetic to Einstein's notion of the relativity of time.
interview with Sacha Stern

Einstein's Religious Awakening
Was he an atheist? What did Einstein really believe?
by William Berkson


Feature Story:
Encouraging Conversion
How Reform congregations are successfully engaging potential Jews-by-choice.
by Jane E. Herman
and Vicky Farhi

Chairman's Perspective:
Re-Energizing NFTY

Join me in committing to our young people's future.
by Peter Weidhorn

Debatable: Should Jews Support Firearms Ownership?
YES by Mike Miller
NO by David Gottlieb

Vote Your View

Quotable in Print
Rabbi Eric Yoffie and the CCAR on discrimination in Israel

 Quotable - The Blogs
On younger Jews and Israel;
on women's equality
and responsibility

 What Works:
Ideas and Initiatives

Guardian angel for homeless couples; hydrate a child and
save a life; "turkey train,"
retirees' mitzvah corps,
mitzvah matchmaker

National museum chronicles Reform history; German street honors Reform rabbi...


For Adults & Youth
November 19, 2010 -
April 3, 2011

 In Memory
Rabbi David Hachen 

 In Memory 
Diana S. Herman 

 In Memory
Alfred Miller

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Winter 2010

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