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History on Trial
An Emory University professor prevails in court against a
Holocaust denier.
interview with
Deborah Lipstadt

"The utterance of something is a self-defining act."
interview with
Claudia Stevens

History Held Hostage
What it took to open the largest archive of inaccessible Holocaust-related documents.
by Paul A. Shapiro 

Facts Make
You Free

Epiphany at the International Tracing Service, Bad Arolsen, Germany.
by Aron Hirt-Manheimer 

Researching Family Holocaust History
Four archives
here to help.

The Jews Who Lived Among Us
Thousands of Germans are perpetuating the memory of Jewish life before the Nazis.
by Dan Fleshler 

of Silence

When survivors tried to tell their stories, most people would not believe them.
interview with
Dr. Yael Danieli

Note: The Battle for Memory section was generously underwritten by the Holocaust Museum of Southwest Florida.


Rabbi Eric H. YoffieDear Reader: Collective
Shame is
Our Lot

What happens when a Jew acts unethically.
by Eric H. Yoffie

RJ magazine Winter 09WINTER '09 COVER STORY
An Ethical Culture Designed to Save Our Planet & Ourselves

Kibbutz Lotan ecology experts explain why environmentalism is a Jewish imperative and how Reform Jews and congregations throughout North America can re-envision and transform our relationship with the earth.

Cover: Sasha Clarke and Eitan Altshuler pose in front of an igloo “dome-atory” at Kibbutz Lotan.


Apocalypse Then

Apocalypse Then
by Joshua Garroway
Jesus believed the world was about to end, and he taught
and acted accordingly.


Books: Living in Two Worlds
by Bonny V. Fetterman
NEW! Read & comment on blog posts about these Significant Jewish Books. 

Education: Preventing Post B'nai Mitzvah Dropout-itis
interview with Rabbi Jan Katzew

Cooking: The Ultimate Jewish Finger Food
by Tina D. Wasserman

Social Action: Tikkun Olam — The Backstory
interview with Howard Schwartz

History: The Jewish Service Heard Around the World
by Charlotte Bonelli

Omitted Contents - Winter 2009

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Feature Story:
A House of Prayer for All Children

How Reform congregations are providing Jewish enrichment to children with special needs.
by Jane Herman

Chairman's Perspective:
The Gift of Identity

The importance of early childhood education in supporting lifelong
Jewish identity.
by Peter Weidhorn

Debatable: Is Government Morally Obligated to Provide Healthcare?
YES by Jerry Steinberg
NO by Stephen Wise

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