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The Secret of
Jewish Survival

by Michael Feshbach

The Comeback Holiday
by Jenna Weissman Joselit

In Search
of a Miracle

by Manuel Gold

A New Spin in
the Synagogue

by Andi Rosenthal


Try This at Home
by Beth Friedman
& Amy Soule

Cover Winter 08 EditionWINTER '08 COVER STORY
Get Off Oil
The U.S. has no emergency plan to get off oil. A conversation with investigative writer Edwin Black about a contingency plan to dramatically reduce oil consumption in America and the new alternatives to oil — including a revolutionary Israeli enterprise, premiering in 2010, that might make gasoline powered cars obsolete.



What God Can Learn From Us

The Columbus Conundrum
by Aron and Judy Hirt-Manheimer
Why did Columbus first visit a rival kingdom upon his return from America? Why did Jews and converted Jews finance Columbus's voyage? Why did Columbus depend on a rabbi?
What God Can Learn
from Us

A conversation with Jack H Bloom on the false notion of God as a perfect Being and the ways God can learn from us mortals. Read/comment on blog posts about this article.

In Search of the Synagogue, Part IV
A conversation with Lee I. Levine on two distinctive finds—the Dura Europos Synagogue in Syria and the Sardis Synagogue in today's Turkey—that have changed our view of Jewish art in antiquity.

Lee Levine

Rebel with a Cause 
An interview with Anat Hoffman, the young champion swimmer who brought down Israel's Goliath teleophone monopoly and now fights injustice, intolerance, and ineptitude throughout the land.

Anat Hoffman

Israel in the Footsteps
of My Grandparents

by Steven Schnur
Israel is simply too precious a gift to be left solely to the Israelis. We all have a stake in its future.
Israel in the Footsteps of My Grandparents

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News and Views of Reform Jews

Chairman's Perspective:
Strength in Unity

by Peter Weidhorn

Action: Confronting the Healthcare Crisis
by Donald

Debatable Debatable: Should Reform Jews Actively Invite Conversion?
YES by Stephen Einstein,
NO by Rosalin Mandelberg

 What Works
A Jewish burial society for all, "Rabbi Ron Klotz' Slave Labor Weekend"...

On alliances with Christian Zionists, re-approaching intermarriage...

Reform camper wins gold in Beijing, Rabbi David Saperstein gives invocation at the Democratic National Convention...

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Rabbi Eric H. YoffieDear Reader: Compassion Knows
No Bounds

by Eric H. Yoffie

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