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Dear Reader: 
David Hartman's
Legacy of Pluralism
"May Rabbi Hartman's memory inspire every one of us to live the Torah of pluralism in all the places of our lives, and especially in Israel." 
by Rick Jacobs


Words, Words, Words: The Invention of Bentshn & Other Origins
The backstory of shlep, mitzvah, cholent, schmooze, & pastrami, too.
by Sarah Bunin Benor

Holidays: Streaming into the New Year
Sick with bronchitis, I decided to stream Rosh Hashanah services. What I learned— and temples can learn from me.
by Mary Ann Sternberg

Judaica: Jewish Antiques Appraisal Show
Appraising an important Judaica papercut.
appraisals by Jonathan Greenstein

Web Exclusive
Discover the value of your antique Judaica. Contact Jonathan Greenstein at

Jewish Journeys: Lost & Found—An Animator's Tale
My story—a multimedia artist who grew up anti-religous and found my way back to Judaism.
by Hanan Harchol

Social Action: The Making of a Greenpeace Activist
"My whole life's journey has prepared me to live with the conscious choice to bear witness."
by Janos Maté

Education: What Do You Know...about Synagogues?
"Is there a traditional prayer to say upon entering a synagogue?" & 9 other questions. Take our quiz.
by Susan Esther Barnes

Technology: The Talmud
& the Twitterverse

How the democratic lessons espoused by the rabbis of Yaveh apply to the Twitterverse of today.
by Daniel Reisel

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Journeying in Cyberspace
Technology opens wonderful worlds for children—but may also carry risk. Dr. Wendy Mogel discusses how we can successfully navigate our new cyberworld.

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Invasion of the Machines
a conversation with Wendy Mogel
How to set sensitive and moral digital boundaries.

Camp Unplugged
a conversation with Louis Bordman
Why cell phones are banned at URJ camps—& the result.

The 'I' in Internet
by Alison Kahler
The Internet is a portal to a better me.



Reinventing the Synagogue
a conversation with Allison Fine
Congregations need to rethink the old model whereby members feel they are cogs in an institutional system. We need a new model—of community rooted in conversation—to nourish the feeling of "matter-ness." 


What Your Heart Can Teach You
by Alan Morinis
Can you think of a time when you felt so overwhelmed by power and mystery, it triggered awe, fear, and reverence all at once? At such moments, our heart is open to discovering the essential meaning of our lives.


Action: The Biennial as Change Agent
How Reform synagogues turned their Biennial experiences into lasting change, re-energizing congregants, increasing membership, engaging youth, involving young families, and reviving a caring community.
by Julie Schwartz

Chairman's Perspective: Join Me in San Diego
The next Union for Reform Judaism Biennial and Women of Reform Judaism Assembly will convene December 11-15, 2013 in San Diego, and I urge you to be part of it.
by Stephen M. Sacks 


Debatable: Should We Support Physician-Assisted Suicide?
Phil Cohen (yes) and Barry Block (no)
Rabbi Phil Cohen: "Let us offer a humane response to patients who needlessly suffer."
Rabbi Barry Block: "Don't short-curcuit the deep meaning in the natural process of death."

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  What Works: Helping Israeli Soldiers Heal
Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple in New Brunswick, New Jersey became the 1st Reform synagogue in the U.S. to host a Peace of Mind group, helping a unit of 16 Israeli solders work through their traumatic experiences.

  Quotable: The Blogs
by Elizabeth Wood and Jackie Mates-Muchin
Why plug in on Shabbat; reflections on a sabbatical in Israel.

German government supports circumcision; Union for Reform Judaism expands into day camping.


Travel Guide Only
View on iPad

Israel is now a world leader in green innovation. Here is a sampling of the many initiatives open to the eco-traveler.
by Darryl Egnal

Israeli Inventions at Work
A camera you can swallow, cell phone photos, drip irrigation, all-electric car transport system...
by Stephen Wise

Experiencing what it's like to be old, deaf, or blind... operating Leonardo da Vinci's canal lock... virtually meeting the pre-State volunteer fighters...
by Abigail Klein Leichman 

Israeli Inventions
in the Works

Space age rapid transit, cardboard wheelchair, revolutionary toilet...
by Nicky Blackburn

Reform Congregations
Cultural insight into Israel's 40 Progressive communities.
a Reform Movement Collaboration

Map: Visiting Your Family
A guide to all 40 IMPJ congregations, with worship and contact information and a color-coded Visitor's Map of every community.
an RJ-ARZA Collaboration

Innovative eateries intermixing immigrant culinary traditions and Middle Eastern and Asian accents.
by Rolene Marks

An insider's fashion tour introduces visitors to behind-the-scenes Tel Aviv and reveals much about 21st century Israeli culture.
by Ori J. Lenkinski


Note: The RJ Insider’s Guide to Israel Travel, produced in partnership with the Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA), was generously sponsored by the Israel Ministry of Tourism and underwritten by the following institutions and companies: Ayelet Tours; Central Conference of American Rabbis Press; Dadosh & Co.; Inbal Jerusalem Hotel; Israel Discovery Tours; Israel Tour Connection; Margaret Morse Tours

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Summer 2013

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