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Dear Reader:
The Search
for God
Ways to begin the never-ending
quest for God
by Eric H. Yoffie

Rabbi Richard Jacobs
Tapped as Next URJ
President - PDF

A brief introduction to the president-elect.


Jewish Antiques
Appraisal Show

Trench art from
what was then Palestine.
appraisals by
Jonathan Greenstein

Online Exclusive
Discover the value of your antique Judaica. Contact Jonathan Greenstein at You may see your story in a future RJ magazine.

Cooking: Love &
the Fruit of the Vine

Tu B’Av recipes for
romance: Chicken Salad
Veronique with
Avocados, Wine Jelly
& Frosted Grapes.
by Tina D. Wasserman

Online Exclusive
Watch writer
Tina Wasserman's
cooking demos

Leanna Cossman - PDF

The meaning of medical
volunteer work in Haiti
and elsewhere.

Lifecycle: The
Pitfalls & Passions
of Middle Age
Reflections on age-
related limitations and
possibilities for growth.
by Michael A. White

Hope Against Despair

Reviews of Great House: A Novel by Nicole Krauss; Sage Tales: Wisdom and Wonder from the Rabbis of the Talmud by Burton L. Visotzky; Christians & Jews—Faith to Faith: Tragic History, Promising Present, Fragile Future
by James Rudin.
by Bonny V. Fetterman

Online Exclusive
Read and comment on
blog posts about the
selected Significant
Jewish Books

Small Congregations:
How Rut Became Ruth
Turning religious school
students' lack of
knowledge about their
Hebrew names into
a congregation-wide
naming project.
by Sarah Newmark

Summer 2011 CoverSUMMER '11 COVER STORY
Reforming Judaism
A behind-the-scenes look at the changes that propelled the Reform Movement forward in response to the changing needs of the Jewish people—and the challenges ahead.

See the 6 articles below and contribute to the important conversation about the future of North American Judaism.
Post your views on the
Think Tank page

by Aliza Gazek
Contribute to the Reform Think Tank & our community's future.

The Ever-Evolving Faith
by Chaya Burstein
Understanding Judaism's momentous reforms from 586 B.C.E. through today.

In Search of Belonging
by Lawrence Englander
Reform Judaism's four stages—
& the challenges ahead.

Seminary of Unimaginable Ironies
a conversation with David Ellenson
How HUC continuously reinvented itself—& the challenges ahead.

Rabbinic Road Out of a Wilderness
a conversation with Steve Fox and Lance Sussman
The rise of the Reform rabbinate—& the challenges ahead.

Birth of a Synagogue Movement
a conversation with Daniel Freelander
How temples moved from imitation to innovation—
& the challenges ahead.


Step Right Up & Meet the World’s Mightiest Human—
A Jewish Strongman from Poland Who Some Say
Inspired the Creation of Superman!!!

by Mel Gordon
Of all the speculative theories concerning the creation of Superman, one exceedingly likely influence has been virtually ignored—Zisha Breitbart, billed as the “Superman of the Ages,” who (among other feats) could sustain the weight of an automobile driven on a bridge-like ramp over his chest.
Here is Breitbart’s story.


A Temple Divided Can Stil Stand Together
a symposium with Shirley Gordon, Judi Ratner,
Peter Rubinstein, David Wolfman

Time-tested advice on handling three fictional congregational conflict scenarios, with an emphasis on how to include the entire congregation in the process. Includes “10 Ways To Cool
Down Hot Meetings.”
by Joseph Bulgatz
Fiction: How an ancient Jewish legend of hidden saints
became a cyberspace celebrity race.

Feature Story:
Courting New Members

Successful strategies to recruit prospective congregants and to engage new ones in temple life.
by Annette Powers

Chairman's Perspective:
Our Movement
How Reform Judaism is
changing to meet the
times—& how you can help. 
by Peter Weidhorn

Debatable: Should Jews
Support a Union's Right
to Collective Bargaining?
YES by Jonathan Biatch
NO by Clifford E. Librach

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a bar mitzvah built...

 Youth Report:
2011 NFTY Convention - PDF

Photographic highlights

 In Memory:
Alan D. Bennett

1927 - 2010

For Adults & Youth
July - Dec. 2011


Omitted Contents -
Summer 2011

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