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Judaica: Introducing...
The Jewish Antiques
Road Show

A behind-the-scenes look at collecting Judaica.
by Jonathan Greenstein

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Inner Life:
Eyes Wide Open

A pen went through the center of my eye and I see more clearly now.
by Zachary Brown

Lifecycle: The Rabbi Who Dreaded Death
I have been fearful to the point of terror of my own ultimate demise.
by Zoe Klein

Ritual: Exorcism
in Baltimore

"Rabbi, would you
come over and bless
our house?"
by Steven M. Fink

Synagogue: A
Katrina Love Story

Out of a catastrophe, a Reform and an Orthodox congregation forged a loving relationship.
by Robert H. Loewy

Books: From Bagels
to Brotherhood

Reviews of The Bagel: The Surprising History of a Modest Bread, Eman-
cipation: How Liberating Europe's Jews from the Ghetto Led to Revolution and Renaissance, The Modern Men's Torah Commentary, Good for the Jews: A Novel
by Bonny V. Fetterman

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nificant Jewish Books.

Aromas of Persia

Recipes for Persian Zeitan, Parvardeh and Cucumber Yogurt Salad.
by Tina D. Wasserman

Unlikely Dollars, Unfettered Dreams

Grants for innovative temple programs.
by Debby Waldman

Leadership: When Your Rabbi Leaves
Engaging a trained interim rabbi.
by Deborah Prinz

Summer 2010 Cover SUMMER '10 COVER STORY
Unmasking Shakespeare
What if the Shakespeare legacy is a charade designed to conceal the author’s true identity? And what if the real playwright was a Jewish woman who dared not acknowledge her authorship in Elizabethan England? Includes Secret Jews in Shakespeare's London, by Andrée Aelion Brooks.

Online Exclusive: Learn more from "The 'Unmasking Shakespeare' Bibliography" by John Hudson.


When Scott Got More Than Sue
interview with Dale Atkins and Edythe Mencher
Disputes over inheritance can wreck family relationships.
Learn how to preserve sh'lom bayit (family harmony) before
and after the reading of the will.

Online Exclusive
When Scott Got More Than Sue Discussion Guide
by Alan D. Bennett
Questions about inheritance for thoughtful discussion at home and in synagogue. 

Focus: Israel by Israelis, Part II of III:
My Fellow Arab Citizens

by Stacey Blank, Hanan Cidor, Evan Cohen, Paula Edelstein, David Forman z'l, Miri Gold, Rich Kirschen, Dalya Levy, Michael Livni, Michael Marmur, Edgar Nof, Nancy Reich, Tamara Schagas, Matthew Sperber, Levi Weiman-Kelman, Hannah Yakin
Our Israeli Reform brothers and sisters share their experiences (or lack thereof) with individual Arabs, deliberate on the complicated issue of Arab identity and dignity in a Jewish state, and weigh in about the impediments to and prospects for peace with the Palestinian people.


Rabbi Eric H. YoffieDear Reader: Charter School Charade
by Eric H. Yoffie
Why creating publicly funded charter schools which
teach Hebrew language and Jewish culture to children
is a mistake.

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Caring CommunitiesFeature Story:
The Art of Muslim-Jewish Dialogue

What Reform congregations have learned about interacting personally with neighboring mosques.
by Jane Herman

Chairman's Perspective:
Learning from Abraham

7 new approaches to reenergize our congregations.
by Peter Weidhorn

Debatable: Should Reform Congregations Have
Kosher Kitchens?

YES by David M. Frank
NO by Jeff Marx

Vote Your View

Quotable in Print
Universal health care; Jews and Arabs in Israel...

 Quotable - The Blogs
On praying at the
Western Wall.

 What Works:
Ideas & Initiatives

Innovative interfaith initiatives; bylaws treasure hunt.

$1 million+ for Haiti relief; 200 years of Progressive Judaism.

For Adults & Youth

July - August 2010

 In Memory
Rabbi Richard S. Sternberger 

 Helpline: Facilities
Staying in an outdated building and still saving synagogue funds.

Omitted Contents - Summer 2010

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