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History: The Exodus
Is Not Fiction

There is archaeological evidence and especially textual evidence for the Exodus, if it was a smaller group who left Egypt.
interview with
Richard Elliott Friedman

Rabbi Simonds

Social Action: Collective Clout Carries California
Reform leaders and congregants throughout California helped achieve a major victory for the state’s three million undocumented immigrants.
by Stephanie Kolin and
Julie Chizewer Weill


Dear Reader: Audacious Hospitality
Audacious hospitality is a two-way street where synagogue and stranger need each other.
by Rick Jacobs


Jewish Education

My Idea: Bring Jewish Education into the World Students Inhabit
When educators view Judaism as being in opposition to music lessons or sports, they set up an unproductive, unwinnable cultural war.
by Tali Zelkowicz

Chairman's Perspective: Welcome to
The Tent

An introduction to the URJ's new information and community-building portal.
by Stephen M. Sacks

It's Time for a New Israel-Diaspora Conversation... Inroad into Religious Equality...

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Reform Judaism magazine Spring 2014SPRING '14 COVER STORY
When Jews Choose
Their Dues

Reform congregations are experimenting with a "free will" system whereby members pay what they wish. What can they teach us? Dan Judson interview

What dues would you choose? Share your experiences and ideas about temple dues.

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Terrorism Pays

Exclusive Report: Terrorism Pays
by Edwin Black
For convicted Palestinians in Israeli prisons, the more heinous the crime and the longer their sentence, the higher their salaries—which are subsidized by U.S. taxpayers. 

Aaron Panken

Engineer of Innovation
interview with Aaron Panken
The new Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion president shares his blueprint for a dynamic seminary that is the intellectual center of global Progressive Judaism.

Biennial 2013

The Audacious Biennial (PDF)
The December 2013 San Diego Biennial was dramatically different than previous conventions. A story of innovation and impact in text and photographs.

Omitted Contents - 
Spring 2014

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RJ Insiders Guide to World Travel
Travel Guide Only
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My Big Small
Jewish World

Meeting my Reform brethren in Warsaw, Budapest, and Prague.
by Eileen Winter

Turn Your Vacation
into a Homecoming

How to find your larger Progressive/Reform/Liberal family when traveling outside North America.
by Gary Bretton-Granatoor

Reform Judaism
World Map
Map detailing the 49 countries with affiliated Reform congregations worldwide.

Tracks of Time in Jamaican Sands
We experienced a Jewish community the likes of which are not to be found anywhere else in the world.
by Aron and Judith

Culture & Community

Best sightseeing and dining, and what it's like to be a Jew in France today.
interview with Stéphane Beder

Reform Judaism Worldwide
The renewal of Jewish life worldwide since the World Union's establishment in 1926.
by Joel Oseran

Culture & Community

Best sightseeing, Jews in Australian history, and Jewish life in Melbourne today.
interview with Philip Bliss

Purim Party

Cape Town:
Culture & Community
Best sightseeing and dining, Jews in South African history, and Jewish life in Cape Town today.
interview with Alvin Kushner

Buenos Aires:
Culture & Community

Best sightseeing and dining, and Buenos Aires' model Jewish community.
interview with Sergio Brukman

Global News
Rabbi elected to Argentinian Congress…First School of Jewish Theology…Beit Din in Barcelona…Historic Dedication in Ukraine…

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