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Dear Reader: 
Engaging the "Nones"
Let's engage all those who seek a meaningful Jewish life. 
by Rick Jacobs


Were the Jews
Out of Necessity?

Jews did not choose professions in finance because of restrictions.
by Maristella Botticini
and Zvi Eckstein

Were the Jews
Slaves in Egypt?

The biblical tradition of slavery in Egypt appears to be fictitious.

by S. David Sperling

Torah Is Not History
Knowing the Exodus is not historical does not change our connection to our faith.

by David Wolpe

Web Exclusive
Was Joshua the Hero of Jericho?
Because of a parasite, the defenders of Jericho were probably not fit to fight.
by Rosemary Drisdelle

Was Jesus'
Last Supper a
Passover Seder?

Jesus could not have known what a seder was, let alone modeled his Last Supper after one.
by Michael J. Cook

Web Exclusive
A Paragraph That Changed History?
Why Jesus' Last Supper could not have been a Passover meal, even of the pre-70 C.E. prototype; and the inserted paragraph that distorted history.
by Michael J. Cook

Was Reform Judaism the Price of Political Acceptance?
The vast majority of German Jews chose Judaism over a prestigious career, rejecting the pressure to convert.
by Michael A. Meyer


Holidays: What Do You Know...about
Passover Music?

8 questions, answers—
& links to the music.
by Rachel Wetstein

Books: Does Judaism Sanction "Holy War"?
Why "holy war" disappeared from Jewish thought for 2000 years, and how it came back.
a conversation with Reuven Firestone

Theology: How Reform Jews Picture God
Analyzing "The God Survey" responses of 4300+ Jews.
by Leah Hochman

Web Exclusive
Monotheism: Surely Not God's Idea

What was the real reason for the invention of monotheism?
by Meir Shalev

Interfaith Interaction: Reimagining Muslim-Jewish Relations

Effective ways to build Muslim-Jewish relationships.
a conversation with Rabbi Sarah Bassin

Web Exclusive

Holidays: The Origins of Haroset
How haroset become a traditional seder food.
by Steven P. Weitzman

Youth Engagement:
Short Experience,
Staggering Impact
Immersive experiences strengthen young people's Jewish identity.
a conversation with Len Saxe

Judaica: Jewish Antiques Appraisal Show
Appraising a spice tower connected to Civil War history.
appraisals by Jonathan Greenstein

Web Exclusive

Discover the value of your antique Judaica. Contact Jonathan Greenstein at

Entire Spring '13 Magazine

RJ Insider's Guide to World Jewish Travel
How to make friends with Reform Jews in 43 countries. Where to go, what to see, how to connect...

Read the digital edition on computer or smartphone by clicking on the cover. The entire magazine is on the left and the Travel Guide is on the right. To view on Ipad: entire issue or travel guide

Defying Extinction
by Paul Liptz
Rebirth in Poland, the FSU, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

St. Petersburg: Treated Like a Queen
by Gail Glezerman Sherman
How I turned vacation into enduring Jewish connectedness.

You're Never Alone When You Say You're a Jew
by Gary Bretton-Granatoor
How to connect with your Reform "cousins" worldwide.

Vienna: Searching for Roots, Finding My Mission
by Cindy R. Kandel
Looking for ancestors; discovering a sacred mission.

Johannesburg: Culture & Community
interview with Robert Jacobs
Tourism tips, culinary delights, history, Jewish community life...

The Top World Nations with Jewish Populations
& Their Reform Congregations

various sources
Top 43 list of nations with the highest Jewish populations

Singapore: Culture & Community
interview with Lennard Thal
Tourism tips, culinary delights, history, Jewish community life...

Budapest: Culture & Community
interview with Erika Siegfried-Tompson
Tourism tips, culinary delights, history, Jewish community life...

Moscow: Culture & Community
interview with Leonid Bimbat
Tourism tips, culinary delights, history, Jewish community life...

San Juan: Culture & Community
interview with Harry A. and Barbara Tasch Ezratty
Tourism tips, culinary delights, history, Jewish community life...

Rio de Janerio: Culture & Community
interview with Raul Cesar Gottlieb
Tourism tips, culinary delights, history, Jewish community life...

Global News
compiled from WUPJ reports
Reform/Progressive/Modern/Liberal accomplishments worldwide.


Note: The RJ Insider’s Guide to World Jewish Travel was generously underwritten by the following institutions and companies: American Jewish Archives, Ayelet Tours, Central Conference of American Rabbis Press, El Al Airlines, Israel Discovery Tours, Margaret Morse Tours, Palace Resorts, TalknSave, World Passage Ltd.



The Higher Authority Lies Within
by Daniel Reisel
Even God agrees that to seek truth means to question authority. Quite literally, it means to break the rules.

Divinity of Dementia
by Cary Kozberg 
Persons with dementia are "messengers from God," helping us to reflect on what it means to be human. 


Travel Guide only



Feature Story:
Smart Strategies for Facility Savings

Greening, reconceptualizing usage, and sharing space can save congregations $$$.
by Julie Schwartz

Chairman's Perspective: Sandy Shows
Our True Colors

How the URJ and the Movement stepped up to support congregations affected by Hurricane Sandy.
by Stephen M. Sacks  


Debatable: Should Our Seminary Admit Students with Non-Jewish Partners?
YES by Daniel Kirzane
NO by Brandon Bernstein

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  What Works: A
Shiva Registry for
Mourning Families

Sharon Rosen, a member of Congregation B'nai Israel in Boca Raton, Florida, has launched a complimentary shiva registry site offering Jewish families assistance, coordination, and resources throughout the bereavement period. 

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