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Rabbi Eric H. YoffieDear Reader: We Dare Not Be Silent
Let us not forget that all will
be lost if Tehran
has its way.
by Eric H. Yoffie


Meet Our Temple:
Temple B'nai Tikvah,
Calgary, Alberta

Inner Life:
The Freeway Purim
For thousands of years, Jews have celebrated personal Purims to mark deliverance from danger.
by Sonia Levitin

Online Exclusive
The Freeway Purim
Discussion Guide

Questions for thoughtful discussion at home and in synagogue.
by Alan D. Bennett

Breaking the
Color Barrier

Creating an integrated, safe and welcoming place for Jews of color.
by Susan Talve

Family Life:
When My Children Became Orthodox

When the pendulum swings, smile and go along for the ride.
by Brenda Zeller Rosenbaum

Retelling Our Stories
Reviews of Day After Night: A Novel, America's Prophet, They Called Me Mayer July, Capturing the Moon.
by Bonny V. Fetterman
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A Succulent South African Seder

Roasted chicken and bubele, the South African way.
by Tina D. Wasserman

Spring 2010 coverSPRING '10 COVER STORY
My Homeland, My Self
What it’s really like to live as a Reform Jew in Israel (part 1 of our 3-part "Israel by Israelis" series)--what it means to be a Jew and a Reform Jew living in Israel, aspects of Israeli Jewish life worthy of emultation abroad, and more.... 

Cover: Shira and Tal Lev-Ami were married first by a local Orthodox rabbi and then by a Reform rabbi because in Israel, Reform wedding ceremonies are not officially recognized. 


Guess Who s Coming to Dinner

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
by Eric H. Yoffie
For the sake of our health, and the Earth’s, let’s make a Jewish decision about what we put on our plates—cutting back on red meat by 20% or more.

This Rabbi Wears Combat Boots

This Rabbi Wears Combat Boots
a conversation with Captain Sarah Schechter
Captain Schechter, one of only two Reform rabbis on active duty in the U.S. military, reveals what it’s like to serve as a chaplain in the Air Force during this time of war.

Our Reform Family Gathering

Our Reform Family Gathering (PDF)
A photo album and quotes to remember from the
2009 URJ Biennial and WRJ Assembly in Toronto.


Caring CommunitiesFeature Story:
Being a Caring Community

How to follow the example of Reform temples whose caring communities serve as members'
extended families.
by Marilyn Hawkes 

Chairman's Perspective:
A Pilot's Prognosis

Identify the problem, prioritize the needs to solve it, shed what's unnecessary, and reenergize.
by Peter Weidhorn

Debatable: Should We Adopt Dietary Restrictions to Save the Environment?
YES by Barry Schwartz 
NO by Cliff Librach

Vote Your View

Quotable in Print
The Goldstone report; forgiveness; GLBTQ discrimination...

 Quotable - The Blogs
Speaking for Israel; the mezuzah & Christians

 What Works
Solidarity in Atlanta; netzwerking with Bünde

Welcome new congregations; HUC-JIR's new way forward; rabbi eulogizes Mary Travers...

For adults & youth
March - July 2010

 In Memory
Robert Chaiken

 Helpline: A New Rabbi
Making a good rabbinic transition - Q & A 

Omitted Contents - Spring 2010

Because of copyright infringement and other reasons, the following stories which appear in the print version of Reform Judaism Spring 2010 are not available online: “Letters”; “Identity: When Marilyn Monroe Became a Jew”; “Focus Introduction: Israel by Israelis, Part I.”

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