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1st Place Award Winner for Excellence in Jewish Journalism and a Benefit of Membership in a Union Congregation

FALL 2005

The Last Dance
by Jonathan Kendall
Knowing that the angel of death is standing in the wings can either strengthen or splinter a family.

End-of-Life Decisions: A Discussion Guide
by Alan Bennett
This study guide for the "End of Life Decisions" section contains background information, questions for discussion, and additional resources.

Stumbling on the Edge of Life
by Edythe Mencher
"I am at peace with my father. I won't ever be at peace with what happened to my mother."

Together in the Dark
a conversation with Rachel Naomi Remen
The death of a loved one can be a time of wounding or healing.

A Jewish Guide to the Moral Maze of Hi-Tech Medicine
by Mark Washofsky
Is it morally permissible to remove artificial nutrition and hydration from a patient who would otherwise continue to live?

Reform Positions On...
Reform positions on patient rights, prolonging life, quality of life, euthanasia, and organ donation.

by Terry Bookman
Two notions of time. Two ways to understand our lives and our deaths.

Osama Bin Laden's Worst Nightmare
A conversation with Irshad Manji on the on the grassroots struggle to restore Islam's Golden Age--and what she's learned from Jews of conscience. 


by Jane Plitt
For Rosemarie, forgiveness has not come easily. Nearly seventy years ago, the Bochum, Germany native
lost her friends, her childhood, and her homeland, after her best friend Inge divulged a critical comment she had
made about the Nazis.


My Opinion: Banished to the Bleachers
by Susan Cohen
"Why give seating priority to wealthier members at the expense of worshipers with disabilities?"

Web Exclusive: Tips and Resources for Making Your Congregation
More Accessible for the Deaf

by Susan Cohen
Information on national organizations for the deaf and becoming a Liheyot accessible congregation.

Significant Jewish Books
by Bonny Fetterman
A Yiddish feminist novel...stories of middle-aged men...a southern Jewish tale...Rashi's unorthodox "minyan"...Hasidic men and women...


Fabulous Small Jews: Stories by Joseph Epstein 
(Mariner Books, 340 pp., paperback $13).
Eighteen stories about Jewish men--middle-aged and older and mostly living in the suburbs of Chicago--delve behind their daily routines of work and health clubs to moments of truth in their lives. In this gallery of portraits, bachelors, divorced dads, widowers, adult sons, and brothers reflect on their search for meaning, their longings for relationship, and the obstacles they put in its way. (more...)
Study and Discussion Guide

by Esther Singer Kreitman,
trans. from the Yiddish by Maurice Carr
(The Feminist Press at the City University of New York, 316 pp., $24.95).
Though less known than her famous younger brothers, Isaac Bashevis Singer and Israel Joshua Singer, Esther Kreitman also wrote novels in Yiddish. Her fiction--like that of her contemporaries, Dvora Baron and Anzia Yezierska--is currently arousing new interest as part of a genre of "proto-feminist" literature, depicting and critiquing the lives of women in traditional Jewish society. (more...)
Study and Discussion Guide

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