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Dear Reader: 
Rebooting Reform
on Campus
College is one of our best opportunities to introduce young adults to Jewish living. 
by Rick Jacobs


Judaica: Jewish Antiques Appraisal Show
Appraising a spice box brought from Russia by great uncle Jake.
appraisals by Jonathan Greenstein

Web Exclusive
Discover the value of your antique Judaica. Contact Jonathan Greenstein at

Holidays: When You Get Stuck in the Fish
Like Jonah, haven't we all made mistakes that have caused us to suffer?
by Patricia Ratner McWeeney

Biennial: Re-imagining Jewish Life
What will make the San Diego convention Dec. 11-15 the place to re-imagine Jewish life.
interview with Ed Burger
and Jan Marion

Torah: Wrestling
With Abraham

Why did Abraham nearly sacrifice his son Isaac? Of these 10 possible explanations, which speaks to you and why?
by Stephen S. Pearce

Books: We Have Sinned
Understanding sin and confession in Judaism.
a conversation with
Lawrence A. Hoffman

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Omitted Contents - 
Fall 2013

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I Now Pronounce You Wife & Wife
Growing up as a Reform Jew and becoming the first openly gay judge in Canada led Justice Harvey Brownstone to play a role in one of the most important civil rights cases in U.S. history.

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On the Road to Marriage Equality
by Karen L. Loewy
We are at an incredibly exciting moment in the movement for marriage equality for same-sex couples in the U.S. Here's how we've reached this moment.

Be Part of Picturing Pride: The LGBT
Reform Jewish Life Photo Album
Gay couples married in Reform temples...congregational outreach to the LGBT community...Submit your favorite photo depicting LGBT Reform Jewish life with an up-to-150-word description to to be included in Picturing Pride: The LGBT Reform Jewish Life Photo Album.

Winning the Freedom to Marry: Jewish Values,
Jewish Voices

by Evan Wolfson



Divorce Etiquette
interview with Edythe Held Mencher and Marsha Elser
How congregations can best respond to the emotional, legal, social, financial, and spiritual challenges faced by divorced couples. 

Science, Drama, & Rock 'n Roll
symposium with Rabbi Bradley Solmsen, Rabbi Paul Yedwab,
& Dr. Jonathan S. Woocher

To excite teens about Judaism, congregations need to meet them at the juncture of their passions and redesign Jewish education from passive learning into active partnership.


Action: Re-envisioning Religious School
Cutting-edge pre-b'nai mitzvah education can capture the hearts and minds of Jewish youth. Here's how some congregations have met with success. 
by Julie Schwartz

Chairman's Perspective:
Connect via URJ Communities

The URJ has a new role: connector and convener in different geographic communities.
by Stephen M. Sacks

 My Idea: Let's Uplift Our Synagogue Language
by Michael L. Feshbach
Introducing new verbiage for "membership" and "dues" in the Reform Movement.

by Charles R. Krivcher and Fred Guttman
Regret vs. guilt...shofar blasts as life metaphors...

Oklahoma City to citizenship... 


College Guide Only
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Begin with Passion
The Washington College president offers his best advice to students deciding on a college and career.
interview with Mitchell Reiss

Getting In: What the Experts Say
The top 3 mistakes students make when applying to college, how to best narrow down your list of schools...
contributors Gael Casner, Heath Einstein, Michele Hernandez, Wendy Kahn, and Carolyn P. Mulligan 

The Top 60 Schools Jews Choose & the Top 25 by Percentage of Jews - PDF
Plus: Jewish studies courses, student engagement interns, Reform worship on campus...

The Top 20 "Small & Mighty" Campuses of Excellence
Plus: Jewish studies courses, Jewish studies major...

What Makes a Campus
Jewishly Vibrant?

Factoring in Jewish engagement programs, campus clubs, Israel engagement, Israel sentiment, & university support.
by Gary Berger

Calculating the True Costs & Benefits of College
Is an elite college a better buy in terms of future income? Does your major matter? What websites can help demystify financial comparisons?
by David Wessel

College Cash
Scholarships, grants, and lower cost loans.

The Scubi Jew
I hadn't expected to involve myself in Jewish life on campus—but I'd never imagined scuba diving could be a Jewish activity.
by David Steren

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