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Dear Reader:
Reimagining Jewish Life

Join me in making 5773 a year of reimagining how we engage in the core work of Jewish life.
by Rick Jacobs

A New Vision of Reform Judaism
Your feedback is welcomed on this draft of the first-ever Reform Movement Vision Statement.

Online Exclusive
Reforming Judaism: Voices from the People, Part ll
What RJ readers say about breaking down denominational barriers, renaming Reform Judaism, and shaping the Jewish future.


Judaica: Jewish Antiques Appraisal Show

Evaluating a brass hanging lamp known as a judenstern.
by Jonathan Greenstein

Online Exclusive
Discover the value of your antique Judaica. Contact Jonathan Greenstein at

Through the Lens
The redesigned sanctuary of Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, California. PDF.

Books: The Roots of Jewish Conversion
The prevailing and conflicting attitudes about conversion from biblical times to today.
interview with David Ellenson
and Daniel Gordis

My Story: How Jesus Stories Saved My Jewish Life
How my fascination with Jesus stories got me enrolled in Hebrew school.
by Richard B. Weinberg

Education: What Do You Know...about Synagogues?
Ten multiple choice questions about synagogues past and present (answers follow).
by Kevin Thurm

Worship: A Classical Reformer Bows to Tradition
The evolution of a rabbi who once likened bowing and kissing the Torah scroll to idolatry.
by Suzanne Singer

Synagogue: Selecting a Rabbi via Community Organizing

Applying community-organizing methodology to the rabbi search at Congregation B'nai Shalom, Westborough, MA.
by Jeffrey Govendo

Lifecycle: Holding Fast
Then Letting Go

Reflections of a proud father on his adult daughter's wedding day.
by Steven Schnur

Preparing for the
New You

Theodore Bikel and other thinkers reflect on the Jewish teachings that inspire them to take an accounting of their souls, how they take stock of their actions, and the life experiences that have prompted them to seek change.

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What Brought Me Back to Judaism
by Austin Wand; Kira Harland
What do young people have to say about youth engagement? Two Reform teens who had been estranged from Jewish life but then found a way back to Judaism tell their stories.

Online Exclusive
Teens: What engages you Jewishly and what does not? Tell us at

Online Exclusive
We Need Community & Connection
by Rachel Blume
Judaism is best taught through action—not just words.

Online Exclusive
Don't Forget Us Motivated Teens
by Elan Kramer
We young people need to lead and make decisions.



Feature Story: The Key to Keeping Members
Proven strategies and expert advice on how to retain adult membership in the synagogue.
by Ryan E. Smith 

Chairman's Perspective:
Engaging Our Youth

Dana Bederson's bat mitzvah shows us what Reform Judaism is all about.
by Stephen M. Sacks

  Quotable: The Blogs
Wearing on the High Holy Days a possession of a loved one who died... the sukkah as a symbol of faith...

Reform rabbi wins historic recognition in Israel... Mickve Israel & the Girl Scouts... Sister rabbis milestone...

  My Idea: Build on Birthright Israel
Offer a free Israel experience for your community's 27 - 40-year-olds, as my parents have in St. Louis.
by Julie Liberman

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Perspective 100: Turning Knowledge into Wisdom
The Brandeis University president reflects on the purpose of higher education, the boundaries of free speech, & more.
interview with Frederick Lawrence

Admissions 100: College Cash
Scholarships, grants, and lower cost loans.

Admissions 101: Getting In—
What the Experts Say

Getting into your dream school, finding the right fit, standing out on the admissions essay and interview, choosing a major and a roommate, & more.
contributors Gael Casner, Michele Hernandez, Wendy Kahn, Carolyn P. Mulligan, and Janet Rosier.

Admissions 102 & 103: The Top 60 Schools Jews Choose & the Top 20 by Percentage of Jews
Plus: Jewish frats/sororities, Jewish studies courses, Reform campus life...

Admissions 104: What Colleges Don't Tell You
How to navigate the applications spiral, college selectivity, and "legacy" factors changing the admissions landscape.
by Claire D. Friedlander

Admissions 105: The Right School Pays Off
Finding the "right college matches" can result in merit-based scholarships and grants.
interview with Dennis Hughner

Admissions 106: Dos and Don'ts in a Digital Age
6 social media dos and don'ts to increase your chances of acceptance.
by Katherine Cohen

Campus Life 200: Building Jewish Relationships "My Way"
Disaffected Jews can be engaged on campus, as my experience interning at Hillel's Campus Entrepreneurship Initiative proves.
by Andrew Abrams

Campus Life 201: Being Myself as a Reform Jew
How I added my Reform voice to the more traditional Jewish ones on campus.
by Emily Langowitz

Campus Life 202: A Glimpse into Graduate Jewish Studies
Selecting a program, increasing one's chances of acceptance, possible careers, & more.
interview with Jeffrey Shandler
and Rona Sheramy

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