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Holidays: Wrestling with Forgiveness
The three paths
to forgiveness.
by Dalia Marx

Inner Life:
Lessons in the Mirror

My High Holy Day
mirror epiphany.
by Charles Krivcher

Online Exclusive
Prelude to Prayer
Dear God, Thank you for bringing me to this day...
by Charles Krivcher

At Home with Death

I decided to keep my beloved wife’s body at home with our family
until the funeral.
by Anson Laytner

Mitzvah: My Monumental Bar Mitzvah Project
Making a film about survivors and liberators
of the Ohrdruf
concentration camp.
by Ben Greenspan

Online Exclusive
Ben Greenspan's
Video - "The Road
to Ohrdruf"

Jewish Antiques
Appraisal Show

Crystal plates with
Stars of David.
by Jonathan Greenstein

Online Exclusive
Discover the value of your antique Judaica. Contact Jonathan Greenstein at

Our Family Reunion
What to expect at the next Biennial, outside DC, Dec. 14-18, 2011.
by Elliott Kleinman

Passages: Encounters of an Angelic Kind
The “messenger of God” moments in one’s life.
by Mike Holzer

Cooking: What's Cooking in the
Czech Republic

Visiting Prague’s Progressive Jewish community, plus two Czech-inspired Rosh Hashanah treats: Apple Horseradish and Ceske’ Buchty Apple-Filled Yeast Cake.
by Tina D. Wasserman

Books: Choice & Responsibility
Reviews of The Free World: A Novel by David Bezmozgis; Beginnings: Reflections on the Bible’s Intriguing Firsts by Meir Shalev; The Eichmann Trial by Deborah E. Lipstadt
by Bonny V. Fetterman

Online Exclusive
Read and comment on
blog posts about the
selected Significant
Jewish Books

Meet Our Temple:
Temple Emanuel of Baltimore - PDF

RAC Tribute: At the Junction of Judaism & Justice - PDF
A dozen historic RAC milestones; reflections by former Eisendrath Legislative Assistants; personal stories by Frederick Lawrence,
David Stern.

Online Exclusive
The Power of the Grassroots 
My RAC LA experience inspired philanthropic empowerment.
by Daniel Kaufman

Online Exclusive
Activist Training
Developing a thicker skin
as a RAC advocate.
by Heather Coleman

Reform Judaism magazine cover Fall 2011FALL '11 COVER STORY 
What Your Oneg Says About You
An oneg can make or break a congregation’s recruitment efforts. Congregations and consultants advise how
to do it right.

Includes a guide to breaking the ice, "8 Ways To Greet a Stranger in Synagogue," by Marcia Nichols.


Lennonism vs. Judaism
by Ze'ev Maghen
The vision of universal love and peace which John Lennon evoked in “Imagine” is about as far from ideal as one can get.

Wake-Up Call
by Ellen Marks
Before my husband was diagnosed with a lethal brain tumor, we had no idea that some researchers had linked prolonged cell phone use with brain tumors. I couldn’t stand idly by—I had to tell the world what I discovered. Includes "Ellen Marks' Recommended Cell Phone Precautions." 



Dear Reader: Fight Global Whining
We are not in an era of congregational decline.
by Eric H. Yoffie

Announcement: Union Board Elects Rabbi Richard Jacobs As Next URJ President - PDF
URJ presidential election reportage.

Through the Lens: Temple Ahavat Shalom, Northridge, California - PDF 
The restoration of a 300-year-old Torah.


Omitted Contents - Fall 2011

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Feature Story:
A Vision for Your Synagogue

Visioning strategies to strengthen temple life.
by Jane E. Herman

Chairman's Perspective:
Challenges and Change

URJ leadership changes.
by Peter Weidhorn

Debatable: Should Clergy
Be Able To Officiate
for Non-Members?
YES by Liz Hirsch
NO by Randi Jaffe
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  Quotable: In Print
Killing of Osama Bin Laden…impact of Jewish camp…

  Quotable: The Blogs
Why we read the Book of Jonah on Yom Kippur

Free holiday e-cards…Jewish nonprofit management school….

Rabbi Jack Stern  In Memory:
Jack Stern

1926 - 2011

The 2011 Education Summit…the URJ and WRJ Biennial…




Perspective 100: Stress & the Modern College Student
Reducing undergrad stress.
interview with Mark G. Yodof

Admissions 100: Getting In—What Experts Say
Finding the right school, quality of Jewish life, etc.

Admissions 101:
College Cash

Scholarships, grants, and lower cost loans.

Admissions 102 & 103: The Top 60 Schools Jews Choose and the Top 19 by Percentage of Jews - PDF

Admissions 104: Welcome to Out Tov Reach U
Humorous, acerbic take on
college admissions.
by Andrew Silow-Carroll

Admissions 105:
Unexpected Welcomes

Schools that “go the extra mile” to attract Jewish students.
by Claire Friedlander

Campus Life 200:
Handling Hovering Parents 
Loosening the grip without letting go.
by Harlan Cohen

Campus Life 201:
Trying Out Frum
My week of living as a traditional Jew.
by Emily Langowitz

Campus Life 202: 4 Ways
To Fund Your Project 
$ for Jewish campus projects.
by Meryl Press

Campus Life 203:
Jewish Studies - For You?
Q&A--is Jewish Studies your right major, faculty evaluation, etc.
by Marsha Rozenblit and
Rona Sheramy

Campus Life 204:
Go Deeper, Go Abroad

A semester in Florence deepened my religious knowledge.
by Elanna Seid

Campus Life 205:
Yes, There Is Jewish Life
at a Military Academy

The Jewish college experience at the U.S. Military, Coast Guard, Naval, and Air Force academies.
by Debra Rubin

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