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5th Annual RJ Guide to College Life

Perspective 100: College:
A Great Economic Investment

Northwestern U President Morton Schapiro on the college advantage, tuition myths, and more.

Admissions 100: Getting In:
What the Experts Say
College consultant advice on applying, researching the right Jewish community, visits, essays, and parents.



Admissions 101: College Cash
Scholarships, grants, and lower cost loans.

Admissions 102: Financial Aid: Tricks of the Trade
Interview with Reecy Aresty on negotiating your best college aid package.

Admissions 103 & 104: The Top 60 Schools Jews Choose & The Top 20 By Percentage of Jews (PDF)
Chart & ranking in a printable PDF.

Admissions 105: Gender Matters
Why college men stress less and women are better off further away. by Linda Sax

Campus Life 200: The Accidental Jewish Ambassador
How to teach non-Jewish friends about Judaism.
by Elanna Seid

Campus Life 201: The Sukkah (PDF)
The Wesleyan U. sukkah in a printable PDF.

Campus Life 202: How To Win Friends for Israel
Proactive and influential strategies to build a pro-Israel environment on campus.
by Emily Berman & Sarah-Beth Kirshner

Campus Life 203: Becoming a More Mature Jew
Exploring your Judaism on your own terms.
by Scott Aaron

Campus Life 204: Connecting A Cappella
The identity building boost of joining a Jewish a cappella group.
by Hannah Needleman

Campus Life 205: Jewish Signposts for the Job Seeker
Tips to fit Judaism in your post-college career path.
by Deborah Swerdlow

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