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Feature Story:
How to Draw In Generation Y
What Reform congregations and others have learned about engaging 20- and 30-something Jews.
by Jane E. Herman 

Chairman's Perspective:
Our Pledge to You
New ways to help our congregations succeed.
by Peter Weidhorn

Debatable: Should Temples Hold Separate Events to Welcome LGBT Jews?
YES by Andrew Ramer
NO by Morrie Hartman

Vote Your View

Quotable in Print
On "Don't Ask,
Don't Tell" and
on generosity.

- The Blogs

On depicting a Jew and on loving Leviticus.

 What Works
An artful partnership, the T.E.A.R. mitzvah, making a Torah whole, reconceiving religious school.

 My Idea: A Revived Reform Platform
3 planks to help Reform Judaism prosper.
by Jacob Neusner

Reform rabbi honored on Israel Indepen-
dence Day, Britain's oldest TV extra...

TV Extra

For Adults & Youth
August-November 2010

 In Memory
Ellis Rivkin


Rabbi Eric H. YoffieDear Reader: A Tribute to Classical Reform
by Eric H. Yoffie

Omitted Contents -
Fall 2010

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Fall 2010 CoverFALL '10 COVER STORY
Living with Secrets
Some secrets come at too high a price. In an RJ interview, Dale Atkins and Edythe Mencher reflect on when is it best to keep the truth to ourselves, and when to reveal what’s in our hearts.

Includes The Transition by Helen T. Cohn: “When my daughter Laura was becoming Lawrence, I told almost no one at first. I felt too astonished and ashamed.”


Lost in Mistranslation
by Joel Hoffman
Why the Bible doesn't always mean what you think it does. Includes Top Translation Traps

Wilderness Awakening 
a conversation with Mike Comins, Kevin Kleinman, Jamie Korngold,
and Owen Gottlieb

Our biblical ancestors first experienced God in the wilderness. What did they know that we need to rediscover?

Focus: Israel by Israelis, Part III of III:
Perils & Possibilities

by Stacey Blank, Hanan Cidor, Paula Edelstein, David Forman, Miri Gold, Rich Kirschen, Dalya Levy, Michael Livni, Michael Marmur, Edgar Nof, Nancy Reich, Tamara Schagas, Matthew Sperber, Levi Weiman-Kelman, Hannah Yakin
Israeli Reform Jews speak out on the risks and rewards of living in a Jewish state striving to realize its promise—and on how North American Jews can make a difference in its destiny.


Inner Life: Into the Deep
by Russ Levine
Tashlich isn't so much a contrived solution to bring absolution of sin as it is a challenge from God.

Judaica: Jewish Antiques Appraisal Show
Appraisals by Jonathan Greenstein
"We'd like to know more about this silver oil-burning menorah..."

Online Exclusive
Discover the value of your antique Judaica. Contact Jonathan Greenstein at
You may see your story in a future RJ magazine.

Holidays: My Airport Seranade
by Karen Gall
What happened when I tried to bring a big shofar on board.

Lifestyles: Synagogue on Wheels
by Anna Lee Braunstein
The Jewish tribe of recreational vehicle enthusiasts has a home in CHAI, a congregation with no walls and the sky for its roof.

Museum Watch: Gardening Sukkah (PDF)
sukkah by Allan Wexler
Investing the temporary sukkah with a year-round function.

Books: Rescuers and Redeemers
by Bonny V. Fetterman
Reviews of By Fire, By Water by Mitchell James Kaplan, Gratitude: A Novel by Joseph Kertes, The Frozen Rabbi by Steve Stern,
36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction by Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, The Book of Fathers
by Miklós Vámos. 

Cooking: Hungarian Dreaming
by Tina D. Wasserman
Recipes for Hungarian Cabbage Strudel and Hungarian Potato Dumplings with Prune Filling.


Perspective 100:
College: A Great
Economic Investment

Northwestern U President
Morton Schapiro on the
college advantage, tuition
myths, and more.

Admissions 100:
Getting In: What
the Experts Say
College consultant advice on applying, researching the right Jewish community, visits, essays, and parents.

Admissions 101: College Cash
Scholarships, grants, and
lower cost loans.

Admissions 102: Financial
Aid: Tricks of the Trade

Interview with Reecy Aresty on negotiating your best college
aid package.

Admissions 103 & 104:
The Top 60 Schools
Jews Choose & The Top
20 By Percentage of Jews (PDF) 

Chart & ranking in a printable PDF. 

Admissions 105: 
Gender Matters 
Why college men stress less and women are better off further away.
by Linda Sax   

Campus Life 200:
The Accidental
Jewish Ambassador

How to teach non-Jewish friends about Judaism.
by Elanna Seid 

Campus Life 201:
The Sukkah (PDF)
The Wesleyan U. sukkah in a printable PDF.

Campus Life 202:
How To Win Friends for Israel

Proactive and influential strategies to build a pro-Israel environment on campus.
by Emily Berman &
Sarah-Beth Kirshner

Campus Life 203:
Becoming a More Mature Jew

Exploring your Judaism on your own terms.
by Scott Aaron 

Campus Life 204:
Connecting A Cappella

The identity building boost of joining a Jewish a cappella group.
by Hannah Needleman

Campus Life 205: 
Jewish Signposts for
the Job Seeker 
Tips to fit Judaism in your post-college career path.
by Deborah Swerdlow 

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