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Feature Story:
Community Cures for Economic Blues
How Reform congregations are helping job seekers and others
by Jane Herman

Chairman's Perspective: Our Reform Partnership
by Peter Weidhorn

Debatable: Should We Offer Free High Holy Day Tickets to Non-Members?
YES by Steve Friedman
NO by Maxine Sukenik

Vote Your View

 Quotable in Print
Rabbi Eric Yoffie on teenager responsibilities, the CCAR on Muslim cemeteries, Rabbi David Ellenson on Jewish survival

 Quotable -
The Blogs

On God, on age, on prayer, and on Shabbat

Effective support groups and personal support for job seekers

Israel's step toward religious equality,
1st African American rabbi...

For youth and for adults, August 2009 - February 2010

 What Works
Banker hero, Torah-To-Go, sustaining Judaism in Slovakia, backpack buddies

 In Memory
Melvin Merrians,

Mel Merians


Rabbi Eric H. YoffieDear Reader:
A Call for Civility
by Eric H. Yoffie

Are You a Buttinsky?
Meddling can be dangerous to family harmony. How, then, can we express concerns that may elicit the very response we hope for? Dr. Dale Atkins and Rabbi Edythe Mencher offer new perspectives grounded in Jewish tradition; and Dr. Alan D. Bennett's Discussion Guide offers many questions for contemplation and family conversation.


Reinventing American Judaism
The financial crisis and demographic shifts are reshaping the Jewish community in unimaginable ways. Historian Jonathan Sarna sheds light on what history can teach us about Jewish revival in uncertain times.

Saga of a Muslim Soldier
by Daniel Hill
As an American Muslim who counts an old rabbi as one of my finest mentors, I've given great thought to why many Muslims and Arabs hate Israel and the Jews.

The Canadian Way
A conversation with Rabbis Michael Dolgin, Leigh Lerner, and Don Marmur on the distinct character and practices of Canadian Jewry.

Our Reform Family Gathering
What to anticipate November 4-8, 2009 at the Toronto Biennial convention. An Elliott Kleinman interview.

Omitted Contents - Fall 2009

Because of copyright infringement and other reasons, the following stories which appear in the print version of Reform Judaism Fall 2009 are not available online: “Letters” and “Portrait: Richard Mukamal, West Bloomfield, Michigan.”

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Insiders Guide to College

Perspective 100:
Building Character

A conversation with college presidents Scott Cowan, Tulane; Amy Gutmann, U. of Pennsylvania; Marjorie Hass, Austin; Lawrence Bacow, Tufts

Admissions 100: When You Think You Can't Afford College
An interview with Scott Jaschik

Admissions 101: College Cash
Scholarships, grants, and
lower cost loans

Admissions 102 & 103: The Top 60 Schools Jews Choose & The Top 20 Schools by Percentage of Jews
Chart & ranking in a printable PDF

Admissions 104:
The College Face of Facebook

Using Facebook to connect to Jewish campus life
by Daniel Steiner

Admissions 105: 
When To Seek a Pro
The whys and hows of choosing a college consultant
by Judith Berg 

Online Exclusive:
Admissions 106: If I Had to Apply Again
Admissions advice by college students interviewed by Betsy Woolf 

Campus Life 200:
Surviving School

How to cope with increasing school, extracurricular, and relationship pressures
by Juliana Schnur

Campus Life 201: How to Beat the Israel Blame Game
Dealing with anti-Israel sentiment on campus
by Hanan Cidor

Campus Life 202: Falafel, Turnips, & Tikkun
The many Israel opportunities for college students (also see Campus Life 204)
by Deborah Swerdlow

Campus Life 203: Jewish Passion, Jewish Profession
When you're considering a career in Jewish service
by Aaron Panken

Online Exclusive:
Campus Life 204:
Israel Safety

Israel trip security guidelines
by Deborah Swerdlow

Online Exclusive:
Campus Life 205: 
Pilgrimage to Peace
Pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian students at UC Irvine travel together to Israel and Palestinian territories
by Marla Jo Fisher 

Online Exclusive:
Campus Life 206: 6 Trip Tips 
Planning a dialogue-centered trip
by Marla Jo Fisher

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