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College Life  
The RJ Insider's Guide to COLLEGE LIFE. Fall 2013  
interview with Mitchell Reiss. The Washington College president offers his best advice to students deciding on a college and career. Part of 8th RJ Insider’s Guide to College Life, Fall 2013.
David Wessel. Is an elite college a better buy in terms of future income? Does your major matter? What websites can help demystify financial comparisons? Part of 8th RJ Insider’s Guide to College Life, Fall 2013.
Scholarships, grants, and lower cost loans. Part of 8th RJ Insider’s Guide to College Life, Fall 2013.
contributors Gael Casner, Heath Einstein, Michele Hernandez, Wendy Kahn, Carolyn P. Mulligan. The top 3 mistakes students make when applying to college, how to best narrow down your list of schools, how to manage the stress of applications and schoolwork, and more. Part of 8th RJ Insider’s Guide to College Life, Fall 2013.
David Steren. Personal reflection by a Jewish college student who’d been turned off by Judaism until he got to Eckerd College and discovered, through its college club Scubi Jew, that scuba diving could be a Jewish activity and Judaism could speak to him through repair of the seas. Part of 8th RJ Insider’s Guide to College Life, Fall 2013.
Gary Berger. Rethinking the standard criteria for an active Jewish campus to factor in Jewish engagement programs, campus clubs, Israel engagement, Israel sentiment, & university support. Part of 8th RJ Insider’s Guide to College Life, Fall 2013.
The RJ Insider's Guide to COLLEGE LIFE. Fall 2012  
interview with Frederick Lawrence. The Brandeis University president reflects on the purpose of higher education, the boundaries of free speech, & more. Fall 2012.
Scholarships, grants, and lower cost loans. Fall 2012.
Gael Casner, Michele Hernandez, Wendy Kahn, Carolyn P. Mulligan, Janet Rosier. Getting into your dream school, finding the right fit, standing out on the admissions essay and interview, choosing a major and a roommate, & more. Fall 2012.
Claire D. Friedlander. How to navigate the applications spiral, college selectivity, and “legacy” factors changing the admissions landscape. Fall 2012.
interview with Dennis Hughner. Finding the “right college matches” can result in merit-based scholarships and grants. Fall 2012.
Katherine Cohen. 6 social media dos and don’ts to increase your chances of acceptance. Fall 2012.
Andrew Abrams. Disaffected Jews can be engaged on campus, as my experience interning at Hillel’s Campus Entrepreneurship Initiative proves. Includes sidebar: “Inside Hillel’s Entrepreneurship Initiative.” Fall 2012.
Emily Langowitz. I learned how to add my Reform Jewish voice to the more traditional Jewish ones on campus. Fall 2012.
interview: Jeffrey Shandler and Rona Sheramy. Q&A on selecting a graduate Jewish studies program, increasing one’s chances of acceptance, possible careers, & more. Fall 2012.
The RJ Insider's Guide to COLLEGE LIFE. Fall 2011  
Advice on getting in, correlation of school choice and success, finding the right school, quality of Jewish life, and de-stressing admissions. Fall 2011.
Scholarships, grants, and lower cost loan options for Jewish students. Fall 2011.
Chart – PDF. Fall 2011.
Andrew Silow-Carroll. Humorous, acerbic take on college admissions.
Claire Friedlander. Six largely overlooked schools that have “gone the extra mile” to attract Jewish students. Fall 2011.
Harlan Cohen. Helping students and parents loosen the grip without letting go. Fall 2011.
Emily Langowitz. A college student raised as a Reform Jew tries out a week of living as a traditional Jew in order to make informed choices about her Jewish practice. Fall 2011.
Meryl Press. Funding options for Jewish campus projects. Fall 2011.
Marsha Rozenblit and Rona Sheramy. Q&A--is Jewish Studies your right major, Hebrew requirements, faculty evaluation, and more. Fall 2011.
An NYU student spends a semester in Florence, Italy and deepens her knowledge of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Sidebar includes Jewish options abroad. Fall 2011.
Debra Rubin. The Jewish college experience at the U.S. Military, Coast Guard, Naval, and Air Force academies. Fall 2011.
Interview with Mark G. Yodof. The University of California system president discusses why undergrads are so stressed and how to reduce it. Includes sidebar, “5 Ways To Manage School Stress,” by Rabbi Edythe Mencher. Fall 2011.
The RJ Insider’s Guide to COLLEGE LIFE. Fall 2010.  
College consultant advice on applying, researching the right Jewish community, visits, essays, and parents. Fall 2010.
Scholarships, grants, and lower cost loans. Fall 2010.
Interview with Reecy Aresty on negotiating your best college aid package. Fall 2010.
Fall 2010.
Linda J. Sax. Why college men stress less and women are better off further away. Fall 2010.
Elanna Seid. How to teach non-Jewish friends about Judaism. Fall 2010.
The Wesleyan U. sukkah in a printable PDF.
Emily Berman & Sarah-Beth Kirshner. Do you feel at a loss in effectively advocating for Israel on campus? Here is how we've built a pro-Israel environment at Indiana University. Fall 2010.
Scott Aaron. Exploring Judaism on your own terms. Fall 2010.
Hannah Needleman. The identity building boost of joining a Jewish a cappella group. Fall 2010.
Deborah Swerdlow. Tips to fit Judaism in your post-college career path. Fall 2010.
Northwestern U. President Morton Schapiro on the college advantage, tuition myths, and more. Fall 2010.
The RJ Insider’s Guide to COLLEGE LIFE. Fall 2009.  
Interview with Scott Jaschik on choosing a public university, quality institutions, and more. Fall 2009.
Scholarships, grants, and lower cost loans. Fall 2009.
Daniel Steiner. Using Facebook to connect to Jewish campus life and choose your school. Fall 2009.
Judith Berg. The whys and hows of choosing a college consultant. Fall 2009.
Juliana Schnur. How to cope with increasing school, extracurricular, and relationship pressures. Fall 2009.
Hanan Cidor. Dealing with anti-Israel sentiment on campus. Fall 2009.
Deborah Swerdlow. The many Israel opportunities for college students (also see Campus Life 204). Fall 2009.
Rabbi Aaron Panken. When you're considering a career in Jewish service. Fall 2009.
Jeremi Suri. After the 1973 Yom Kippur War, U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger almost singlehandedly reshaped the balance of power in the Middle East—a balance which reigned in the region for nearly 40 years. How did Kissinger’s escape from Nazi Germany impact his foreign policy? And now, with populist Arab uprisings, how will history judge his legacy? Winter 2011.
Betsy Woolf. Admissions advice from college students. Fall 2009.
Deborah Swerdlow. Israel trip security guidelines. Fall 2009.
Marla Jo Fisher. Pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian students at UC Irvine travel together to Israel and Palestinian territories. Fall 2009.
Marla Jo Fisher. Planning a dialogue-centered college trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories. Fall 2009.
A conversation with college presidents Scott Cowan, Tulane; Amy Gutmann, U. of Pennsylvania; Marjorie Hass, Austin; and Lawrence Bacow, Tufts on the meaning of a university education and the role of religion in campus life. Fall 2009.
The RJ Insider’s Guide to COLLEGE LIFE. Fall 2008.  
The College Search - On Your Own Terms. Daniel Steiner. The questions to ask yourself in order to choose a school that will best support who you are as a Jew. Fall 2008.
Claire D. Friedlander. Unanticipated colleges seeking Jewish students. Fall 2008.
Sherri Geller. Excellent options for Jewish students without high GPAs. Fall 2008.
John B. Boshoven. What you need to know about student loans. Fall 2008.
No byline. Scholarships, grants, and lower cost loans. Fall 2008.
Deborah Swerdlow. Enlisting roommate support for your religious practices - and what to do if it's not forthcoming. Fall 2008
Elanna Seid. Personal story of how to make Jewish friends. Fall 2008.
Joan Bress. How to integrate your Jewish identity/interests into the campus experience. Fall 2008.
Betsy F. Woolf. How to create Jewish life on a campus with few Jews. Fall 2008.
Brian Rosen. Interview with Jewish fraternity brothers about the Jewish fraternity experience. Fall 2008.
Connie Savitt Sandler. Interview with Jewish sorority sisters about the sorority experience. Fall 2008.
Hilary Oleon. Reform Movement travel programs for college students. Fall 2008.
Rabbi Edythe Mencher. Appropriate and inappropriate ways for parents to help adult children navigate college. Fall 2008.
Interview with Rabbi Edythe Mencher. Tips to minimize college stress grounded in Jewish teachings. Fall 2008.
The RJ Insider’s Guide to COLLEGE. Fall 2007.  
Sherri Geller. The steps to take to determine the right fit. Fall 2007.
Sherri Geller. Making the most of a campus visit. Fall 2007
Sherri Geller. Easing interview anxieties. Fall 2007
Judith Berg. College options for average students. Fall 2007.
Aviva Perlman. Everything from Jewish scuba diving clubs to Hillel beach parties. Fall 2007.
Rabbi Scott Aaron. How to handle rooming with someone who may know little about Jews or Judaism. Fall 2007.
Rabbi Jonathan Klein. Six ready responses to such statements as "Reform isn't Judaism!" Fall 2007.
Rabbi Jonathan Klein. A primer for Reform students seeking to fit in during more traditional Jewish worship and dinner experiences. Fall 2007.
Daphne Oz. How to eat at school in order to stay at the top of your game. Fall 2007.
David A. Harris. The chairman of the Israel on Campus Coalition offers strategies that will empower pro-Israel students to plan effective Israel programs and initiatives. Fall 2007.
Jennifer Gubitz. Popular Jewish collegiate options to explore. Fall 2007.
John B. Boshoven. The best loan options for Jewish students. Fall 2007
Interview with Leon Botstein. The president of Bard College reflects on what today's students need to do to make the most of their college education - and beyond. Fall 2007.
The RJ Insider’s Guide to COLLEGE. Fall 2006.  
Jill Goldstein. Why it's helpful to choose a college based on Jewish considerations. Fall 2006.
Judith Berg. Admissions advice from a college consultant. Fall 2006.
Michele Hernandez. Applications advice from a college consultant. Fall 2006.
Judith Berg. Appropriate and inappropriate parental involvement in the college applications process. Fall 2006.
Harry R. Lewis. A former Harvard dean rhapsodizes on having a well-rounded college education that includes extracurriculars, not just studying. Fall 2006.
Andrea Steinberger. Dropping preconceived notions & making the most of the campus Hillel opportunity. Fall 2006.
Life Lessons 014: Your Reform Home on Campus. No byline. Ways to connect with KESHER, the Union for Reform Judaism's college program, on campus. Fall 2006.
Scott Aaron. How to handle it when classes and/or tests are scheduled on Jewish holidays. Fall 2006.
Andy Koren. Advice for congregations on connecting with college student members. Fall 2006.
John Boshoven. Financial advice and resources for Jewish families. Fall 2006.
No byline. Scholarships, grants, & low-interest loans. Fall 2006
Scholarships 999: College Cash. No byline. The colleges which offer scholarships to Jewish students. Fall 2006.
Gabrielle Birkner. A historical and sociological look at how Jewish activities have proliferated on the university scene. Fall 2006
Leonard Saxe. The Reform Movement must make sure that Reform young people have a better understanding of traditional ritual practices before they go to college. Otherwise, they’ll avoid Hillel out of fear they won’t “measure up.” Summer 2005.
Youth Stories  
Joseph Metz. A 19-year-old Reform Jew reflects on his choice to tattoo his grandfather’s Holocaust number on his arm as a testament of his respect and love for his grandfather. Part of Cover Story: Jews & Tattoos, Summer 2014.
Carlin Coffey. The author reflects on the impact of her volunteer experience helping to rebuild a community center in New Orleans’ 9th Ward on a URJ Mitzvah Corps of the South program. Includes sidebar on URJ Mitzvah Corps opportunities. Summer 2014.
No byline. Describes some of the innovative ways congregations are exciting teens about Judaism. Profiles congregations with outstanding teen engagement and interviews experts about what works with teens and why. Winter 2013.
Gabe Snyder. A teen shares poignant lessons about faith at Auschwitz which he internalized on the URJ’s L’Dor v’Dor program. Winter 2013.
interview with Louis Bordman. The director of URJ Eisner Camp explains why cell phones are banned at URJ camps--and how camp life has been enriched as a result. Sidebar to “Invasion of the Machines.” Summer 2013.
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