Quotable: The Blogs

"I joined Israel Religious Action Center leader Anat Hoffman in a Freedom Ride in Jerusalem to protest the relegation of women to the back of the bus, as promoted by Haredi custom. While we sat on the busin the fronta Haredi woman boarded at the front entrance (rather than at the back) and, with a big smile on her face, sat down right next to Anat! It was a moment to be proud."
—URJ President Rabbi Rick Jacobs on rj.org

"One of the significant challenges we face is the pervasiveness of literalism in American culture. The literalism of texts leads to the literalism of lives. We've all heard slogans like "There's a key to being successful"; "There's a sure way to be happy." Yet, the most important questions in our livesthe questions that involve our social relations, our life choices, our identities, and our spiritualitiesdon't often have singular answers.

Several years ago, I stopped speaking about 'the story of Chanukah.' After reading the Books of Maccabees, Josephus, BT Shabbat 21b, Elias Bickerman, and Victor Tcherikover, I realized that there are many stories of Chanukah, each with its own particular relevance for us today. Now, I teach 'the stories of Chanukah.' This routinely provokes the question, 'but rabbi, what's the true story?' to which I respond, 'they're all true'an answer which is never satisfactory, but a step in the right direction."
—Rabbi Joseph A. Skloot on rj.org

Union for Reform Judaism.