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No byline. Describes some of the innovative ways congregations are exciting teens about Judaism. Profiles congregations with outstanding teen engagement and interviews experts about what works with teens and why. Winter 2013.
Julie Schwartz. Profiles of cutting-edge congregational b’nai mitzvah educational strategies and programs that are capturing the hearts and minds of Jewish youth, and interviews with experts on best practices for b’nai mitzvah education, Hebrew instruction, and more. Fall 2013.
symposium with Rabbi Bradley Solmsen, Rabbi Paul Yedwab, & Dr. Jonathan S. Woocher. To excite teens about Judaism, congregations need to meet them at the juncture of their passions and redesign Jewish education from passive learning into active partnership. Fall 2013.
Julie Schwartz. How Reform synagogues turned their Biennial experience into lasting change: re-energizing congregants, increasing membership, engaging youth, involving young families, reviving a caring community, and more. Summer 2013.
interview with Allison Fine. A temple president and co-author of The Networked Nonprofit discusses why synagogues need a new networked model, one of community rooted in conversation, to nourish the feeling of “matter-ness.” Summer 2013.
a conversation with Len Saxe. The director of the Steinhardt Social Research Institute at Brandeis University contextualizes the latest research findings concerning the impact of immersive experiences on young people’s Jewish identity. Spring 2013.
a conversation with Bradley Solmsen and Isa Aron. The two co-directors of the Campaign for Youth Engagement discuss the history of b’nai mitzvah practice, why we need a b’nai mitzvah revolution now, and what such a revolution will encompass. Winter 2012.
Austin Wand; Kira Harland. What do young people have to say about youth engagement? Two Reform teens who had been estranged from Jewish life but then found a way back to Judaism tell their stories. Includes sidebar on the Campaign for Youth Engagement. For more teen responses: Fall 2012.

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