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Stephen M. Sacks. Recognizing the Reform Movement’s incredible success story on the ground in Israel. Summer 2014.
interview with Aaron Panken. The new Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion president talks about his formative years, how the training of clergy is different now than when he was ordained, and his blueprint for a dynamic seminary that is the intellectual center of global Progressive Judaism.
Stephanie Kolin and Julie Chizewer Weill. An inside look at how Reform leaders and congregants throughout California helped achieve a major victory for the state’s three million undocumented immigrants. Includes how individuals and congregations can join the Reform CA movement. Spring 2014.
David Ellenson. The outgoing HUC-JIR president reflects on vital challenges and successes during his 12+ years of service at the helm of Hebrew Union College. Winter 2013.
Jonathan D. Sarna. In the early 1900s, the dynamo behind NFTS’ Committee on Religion in the helped pioneer such cultural and religious practices as Hanukkah greeting cards, congregational singing at services, women’s representation on temple boards, and women’s increasingly significant roles on the bimah. Adaptation from Sisterhood: A Centennial History of Women of Reform Judaism. Winter 2013.
Daniel Kirzane (yes) and Brandon Bernstein (no). Two HUC-JIR rabbinical students debate this issue. Spring 2013.
Michael A. Meyer. The vast majority of German Jews chose Judaism over a prestigious career, rejecting the pressure to convert. Part of Focus: Greatest Jewish Myths. Spring 2013.
a conversation with Dolores Kosberg Wilkenfeld, Lynn Magid Lazar, and Dara Amram. Three Women of Reform Judaism of different generations offer insider perspectives on the power and promise of Sisterhood (first NFTS, now WRJ) in its first 100 years. Winter 2012.
Your feedback is welcomed on this draft of the first-ever Reform Movement Vision Statement. Fall 2012.
RJ magazine readers throughout North America discuss breaking down denominational barriers, re-envisioning our Movement’s name, standing for something timeless, and shaping the Reform future. Fall 2012 web exclusive.
interview with Rabbi Rick Jacobs. The Union for Reform Judaism’s new president reflects on his formative experiences, the lessons he has learned about personal and synagogue transformation, his vision for the future of the URJ and the Reform Movement, and his determination to surmount the monumental challenges on the road ahead. Summer 2012.
No byline. A tribute to the renowned scholar, author, and leader of Reform Judaism who wrote and edited The Torah: A Modern Commentary, featuring examples of his writing. Summer 2012.
RJ interview. Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie reflects on his 16-year legacy as president of the Union for Reform Judaism and on some of the key lessons learned from the experience. Spring 2012.
A conversation with Daniel Freelander. The Union for Reform Judaism's senior vice president offers insider observations on what the synagogues of the 1800s were like, how Reform congregations moved from imitation to innovation, and from exclusion to inclusion—and the challenges ahead. Readers are invited to post their views. Part of Focus: Reforming Judaism. Summer 2011.
Lawrence Englander. Reform Judaism's four historical stages—and the challenges ahead. Readers are invited to post their views. Part of Focus: Reforming Judaism. Summer 2011.
A conversation with Steve Fox and Lance Sussman. The CCAR's chief executive and national chair of the press offer insider observations on the dramatic rise of the Reform rabbinate—and the challenges ahead. Readers are invited to post their views. Part of Focus: Reforming Judaism. Summer 2011.
A conversation with David Ellenson. The HUC-JIR president offers insider observations anecdotes on how America's first rabbinic college continuously reinvented itself—and the challenges ahead. Readers are invited to post their views. Part of Focus: Reforming Judaism. Summer 2011.
Chaya Burstein. Jewish law and lore have always been reforming to adapt to the changing lives of the Jewish people. Explains the most momentous conflicts and resolutions in the history of the Jewish people from the destruction of the 1st Temple through today. Part of Focus: Reforming Judaism. Summer 2011.
Symposium including the voices of 30 Reform lay leaders on 10 subjects: what it means to be a Reform Jew today; why synagogue matters; lifecycle and holiday observance; encountering God and struggling with faith; adapting to changing temple practices—or not; making a difference; ethical living; Torah on our terms; Israel; the future. Summer 2008.
Alan D. Bennett. An historical overview, review of the Reform Judaism: 30 Stories articles, plus thought-provoking questions for adult study and youth group discussion. Ten guides, one for each of the 10 sections, allow for indepth study. Summer 2008.

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