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Harvey Brownstone. Growing up as a Reform Jew and becoming the first openly gay judge in Canada led Justice Harvey Brownstone to play a role in one of the most important civil rights cases in U.S. history championing equality for gay and lesbians in marriage. This is his story. Cover Story, Fall 2013.
Karen L. Loewy. We are at an incredibly exciting moment in the movement for marriage equality for same-sex couples in the United States. Here’s my brief story of how we’ve reached this moment. Fall 2013.
A journey of love and "Love in the Movement" photo gallery which includes 7 photographs of wedding couples or married couples in a Reform Movement context, among them a gay couple and a lesbian couple. Part of Focus: Love. PDF. Spring 2012.
Andrew Ramer (yes) and Morrie Hartman (no). How one lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender event changed a congregation; and how one man felt isolated in being reached out to because of sexual orientation rather than his Jewishness. Fall 2010.
Helen T. Cohn. A rabbi's journey of parental acceptance: "When my daughter Laura was becoming Lawrence, I told almost no one at first. I felt too astonished and ashamed." Part of Cover Story on "Living With Secrets." Fall 2010.
Susan Talve. To create an integrated, safe, and welcoming place for Jews of color, Central Reform Congregation in St. Louis, Missouri followed a similar model to the successful one they had implemented in reaching out to the GLBT community in the 1980s. Spring 2010.
Mike Rankin. After the Union's 1985 Biennial in Los Angeles, we gay men and lesbians no longer felt like strangers and wayfarers. The doors of the tent of Sarah and Abraham had opened to us. Fall 2007.
Laura Wolfson. Wolfson and her partner were among thousands of Canadian gay and lesbian couples who walked down the aisle following Canada's landmark 2003 court rulings approving gay and lesbian marriage. She laments the fact that her own synagogue would not agree to host their marriage ceremony. Fall 2004. PDF
Sue Levi Elwell. The author questions whether any Jewish wedding can be called holy by a community that denies the holiness of the unions of some of its members; reflects on her own marriage to Nurit Shein; and calls on the Reform Movement to recognize gay and lesbian marriage as a sacred union. Winter 1998.
Beth M. Gilbert. A growing number of same-sex Jewish couples are choosing to affirm their relationship with a commitment ceremony in the synagogue. Summer 1996.
Harold M. Schulweis. A rabbi re-examines the biblical prohibition against homosexuals when confronted with the confessions of his congregants. Summer 1994. PDF
Janet Marder. A historical examination of the issues surrounding the ordination and acceptance of gay and lesbian rabbis in the Reform Jewish community. Winter 1990. PDF
Yoel Kahn. A rabbi reflects on what it was like, as a gay man, to pursue rabbinical ordination at the Reform seminary HUC-JIR, including his fears of being "found out." Winter 1990. PDF

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