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Julie Schwartz. How Reform synagogues turned their Biennial experience into lasting change: re-energizing congregants, increasing membership, engaging youth, involving young families, reviving a caring community, and more. Summer 2013.
How Temple Emanuel of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland successfully infuses art and music into congregational life. Fall 2011.
Melanie Goldish. The story of how Debbie Friedman supported the author's young son Travis, who was being treated for cancer, and Travis' brother too. Part of Tribute: Music Legend Debbie Friedman. Spring 2011.
Alane S. Katzew. Debbie Friedman's four masterful skills that allowed her to transform a group of strangers into a sacred community. Part of Tribute: Music Legend Debbie Friedman. Spring 2011.
Daniel Freelander. Reflections on Debbie Friedman's influence in the Reform Movement. Part of Tribute: Music Legend Debbie Friedman. Spring 2011.
Debby Waldman. How Reform congregations turned national and local grants into innovative temple programming; includes grant resources. Summer 2010.
A bar mitzvah project that blossomed into a global environmental project called KidEarth, which joins youngsters from around the world through song. Winter 2009.
Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer. Evening programs of dancing and singing to Chasidic-style gospel sounds with lyrics and prayers projected on a large screen; Jewish indie movies; yoga; "Kids' Club"; intergenerational dinners; crafts; puppetry/storytelling service; and more innovative ways to celebrate Shabbat. Winter 2008.
A conversation with Naomi Cohn-Zentner on how Israeli music has captured the changing realities and dreams of a nation; musical clips of selected significant songs appear on Fall 2008.
Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer. A growing number of Reform congregants worship to the sounds of their temple's band - allowing them to experience the full range of tradition and discover the worship styles they prefer. Fall 2007. PDF
An exploration of the music of Kol Nidre in different communities and times. Fall 2007.
Cantor Andrew Bernard. This discussion/study guide to "Sounds of Kaddish" features new musical ideas, questions for discussion, and more. Spring 2007.
A musical journey through Kaddish, from Leonard Bernstein's and Maurice Ravel's contemporary compositions to the melodies that have become essential to Jewish worship. Part of Focus: Exploring Kaddish. Spring 2007.
Beth Gilbert. Music and meditation are transforming Shabbat services in Detroit, Denver, Dallas, and beyond. Winter 2002. PDF
Hank Bordowitz. Debbie Friedman's user-friendly liturgical compositions are sung in Reform congregations across North America, and her Mi Sheberach has helped countless individuals derive strength from singing in solidarity. What are the sources of her inspiration? Summer 2002. PDF

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