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Tina D. Wasserman. Visiting Bejt Simcha, the Progressive Jewish community in Prague, and creating two Rosh Hashanah treats inspired by Czech Jewry’s culinary heritage: Apple Horseradish and Ceske’ Buchty/Czech Apple-Filled Yeast Cake. Fall 2011.
Rosh Hashanah recipes that recall Hungary in the austere postwar era: "Hungarian Cabbage Strudel" and "Hungarian Potato Dumplings with Prune Filling." Tina D. Wasserman. Fall 2010
Algerian Jewish history and culinary traditions. Rosh Hashanah recipes: "Algerian Chicken with Quince" and "Vegetable Melange in Pastry Shells." Tina D. Wasserman. Fall 2009.
The origins of the custom of dipping a slice of apple in honey to express our hopes for a sweet and fruitful year. Recipes: "Rosh Hashanah Noodle Kugel," "Apples and Honey Cake Bread Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce," "Fresh Apple Cake." Tina D. Wasserman. Fall 2007.
The culinary traditions of the Abayudaya, a 750-member farming community in Uganda, half of whom formerly converted to Judaism in 2002. Fall harvest Ugandan-inspired recipes: "Ugandan Fall Harvest Fruit Salad," "Manioc Cheese Puffs," and "Arugula Salad with Dates and Chevre with a Pomegranate Vanilla Vinaigrette." Tina D. Wasserman. Fall 2006.
Food traditions surrounding Yom Kippur: Why chicken is the entrée of choice, the connection between amulets and chicken soup, foods commonly eaten following the fast, tips for an easy fast. Recipes: "Sogliola con Pinoli Passerini," "Hadgi Badah," "Kreplach." Tina D. Wasserman. Fall 2005. PDF.
The significance of apples, challah, carrots, fish, beets, and leeks in Ashkenazic and Sephardic traditions. Rosh Hashanah recipes: "Teiglach," "Dulce de Manzana," and "Fijones Frescos/Hoppin' John." Tina D. Wasserman. Fall 2003.

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