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Jonathan Greenstein. Appraising a tapestry/carpet depicting Theodor Herzl at the First Zionist Congress. Summer 2014.
Jonathan Greenstein. Appraising two ivory silver filigree pieces, one of Moses and the other one of Rebecca, made in the Bezalel Art School, Palestine. Winter 2013.
Jonathan Greenstein. Appraising a spice box brought from Russia by great uncle Jake. Fall 2013.
Jonathan Greenstein. Appraising an important Judaica papercut. Summer 2013.
appraisals by Jonathan Greenstein. Appraising a spice tower connected to Civil War history. Spring 2013.
Jonathan Greenstein. Appraising an unusual menorah with griffon (dog breed) heads on each side. Winter 2012.
Jonathan Greenstein. Evaluating a brass hanging lamp known as a judenstern (Jewish star in German). Fall 2012.
Jonathan Greenstein. Appraising a 1905 medallion commemorating the 250th year of Jewish settlement in the U.S. Summer 2012.
Jonathan Greenstein. Appraising a Jewish cast metal clock. Spring 2012.
Story of how a grandfather connected to his two grandchildren, and vice versa, through their co-creation of bat mitzvah tallit—and how that led to co-creating a chuppah for the marriage of his son. Winter 2011.
Jonathan Greenstein. Appraising a menorah with a Star of David motif. Winter 2011.
Jonathan Greenstein. Investigating the origin of crystal plates from Czechoslovakia adorned with a Star of David image. Fall 2011.
Jonathan Greenstein. Trench art from what was then Palestine during WWI. Summer 2011.
Appraisal by Jonathan Greenstein. "My father bought this silver seder plate 35-40 years ago..." Spring 2011.
Jonathan Greenstein. I got this menorah from my grandfather, who got it from his uncle... Winter 2010.
Appraisals by Jonathan Greenstein. "We'd like to know more about this silver oil-burning menorah..." Fall 2010.
Jonathan Greenstein. A behind-the-scenes look at collecting Judaica. Summer 2010.
Jean Bloch Rosensaft. Text and presentation of artful Passover seder plates from 15th century Spain to 21st century America. Spring 2004.
Nancy M. Berman. Text and visual representation of six uniquely crafted Hanukkah lamps from the 16th century to the present. Winter 2003.

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