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Harvey Brownstone. Growing up as a Reform Jew and becoming the first openly gay judge in Canada led Justice Harvey Brownstone to play a role in one of the most important civil rights cases in U.S. history championing equality for gay and lesbians in marriage. This is his story. Cover Story, Fall 2013.
Karen L. Loewy. We are at an incredibly exciting moment in the movement for marriage equality for same-sex couples in the United States. Here’s my brief story of how we’ve reached this moment. Fall 2013.
Annette Powers. My father believed that intermarriage was a shanda. I hoped to prove him wrong. Part of Focus: Shanda. Winter 2012.
Steven Schnur. Reflections of a proud father on his adult daughter’s wedding day. Fall 2012.
Alan Morinis. What can each of us do to foster nefesh—soul love? Spring 2012.
Naftali Rothenberg. Rabbi Akiva’s wisdom about the ideal of human love. Spring 2012
Rex Perlmeter. Nurturing love in the face of tragedy. Spring 2012.
Stephen Breslauer. The 55-year love adventure of NFTY’s first married couple. Spring 2012.
interview with Alan Morinis. The breaking of the wedding glass sends the message: To fully experience joy, one must also be able to feel deep sorrow. Part of Focus “Happiness.” Winter 2011.
Laura Wolfson. Wolfson and her partner were among thousands of Canadian gay and lesbian couples who walked down the aisle following Canada's landmark 2003 court rulings approving gay and lesbian marriage. She laments the fact that her own synagogue would not agree to host their marriage ceremony. Fall 2004. PDF
Rabbi Steven Z. Leder. Relating his parents' near split when he was a child, Rabbi Leder concludes that marriage may not cure loneliness, but it is the best option. Rabbi Leder now tells couples he marries that they should think of each other as kadosh (sacred, fragile vessels, easily shattered). Winter 2000.
Sue Levi Elwell. The author questions whether any Jewish wedding can be called holy by a community that denies the holiness of the unions of some of its members; reflects on her own marriage to Nurit Shein; and calls on the Reform Movement to recognize gay and lesbian marriage as a sacred union. Winter 1998.
Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin. Far more than a "celebration" in which two Jews declare their love for one another, the Jewish wedding ceremony consists of meanings, images, theological notions, and historical memories which make it "Judaism in miniature." Fall 1997.
Beth M. Gilbert. A growing number of same-sex Jewish couples are choosing to affirm their relationship with a commitment ceremony in the synagogue. Summer 1996.
Rabbi Bernard Zlotowitz and David Kasakove. Overview of Jewish marriage, descriptions of early wedding practices, and Reform innovations, among them the egalitarian ketubah. Winter 1995.
Gladys Pomerantz Edelman. Poem (which begins): "How do I love thee, let me count the ways / Has it really been 18,250 days?" Part of Focus On: Marriage. Summer 1995.
Beth M. Gilbert. Three couples who have been married for over 50 years share their secrets for marital longevity. Part of Focus On: Marriage. Summer 1995.
Rabbi Leonard Kravitz. Though Abraham endured war, marital distress, parenting problems, and terrible anxiety, old age "leapt upon him" only after his wife Sarah died. What was the secret of their marriage? Part of Focus On: Marriage. Summer 1995.
David Kraemer. The pillars of marital stability, according to the Talmud. Part of Focus On: Marriage. Summer 1995.
Susan Kleinman. Religious differences even among same-faith couples can become a battleground in troubled marriages. Various experts offer ways for couples to navigate touchy topics. Part of Focus On: Marriage. Summer 1995.
Dr. Dale Atkins and Meris Powell. Explores some of the challenges married couples are likely to face and how to address them, such as handling intrusive in-laws, coping with adolescent children, the bar/bat mitzvah experience, disparate communication styles, and resolving conflicts. Part of Focus On: Marriage. Summer 1995.

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