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Stephanie Kolin and Julie Chizewer Weill. An inside look at how Reform leaders and congregants throughout California helped achieve a major victory for the state’s three million undocumented immigrants. Includes how individuals and congregations can join the Reform CA movement. Spring 2014.
Stephen M. Sacks. The URJ’s Just Congregations program assists congregations and individuals in fulfilling their commitment to social justice. Here’s how. Winter 2012.
The rewards of Temple Beth El in Charlotte having partnered with eight Jewish agencies on the Shalom Park campus to launch the Shalom Park Freedom School, offering intensive literacy education to 50 low-income summer campers in a summer camp environment.
Temple Israel, Ottawa volunteers are making baby quilts for families in Israel affected by terrorism. Spring 2011.
Guardian angel for homeless couples; hydrate a child & save a life; "turkey train"; retirees' mitzvah corps; mitzvah matchmaker. Winter 2010.
No byline. Answering the questions: Are congregations permitted to take positions on upcoming state ballot initiatives, and how can new Reform social action chairs best get started? Summer 2009.
Daniel David May. Reform congregants throughout America are engaged in a radical rethinking of social action-community organizing-using the same community organizing model that propelled President Barack Obama to victory. Spring 2009.
Donald Cohen-Cutler. Community actions taken by Reform Jews and congregations to help the uninsured millions in America; includes URJ social action resources. Winter 2008.
Susan Glairon. How one Colorado congregation put “Never Again” into action by sponsoring and integrating ten Sudanese girls into the community. Fall 2005.

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