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Rolene Marks. Innovative eateries intermixing immigrant culinary traditions and Middle Eastern and Asian accents: Yakomono, Mul Yam, Max’s, Dr. Shakshuka, Bouza, Mr. Lachuch, Mukhtar, Shegar Ethiopian Restaurant, Kfar Hanokdim, Arcadia. Part of RJ Insider’s Guide to Israel Travel. Summer 2013.
Yes: Rabbi David M. Frank. No: Rabbi Jeff Marx. A debate between two Reform rabbis, one whose congregation has a kosher kitchen, one whose congregation does not. Summer 2010.
Yes: Rabbi Barry Schwartz. No: Rabbi Cliff Librach. A debate between two Reform rabbis, both of whom reference Reform and general Jewish teachings. Spring 2010.
Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie. "For the sake of our health, and the Earth's, let's make a Jewish decision about what we put on our plates-cutting back on red meat by 20% or more." Adaptation from the URJ president's 2009 Biennial address. Spring 2010.
Interview with Rabbi Simeon J. Maslin. "Every sensitive human being should evolve a personal dietary regimen guided by ethical considerations-call it ethical kashrut." Summer 2007.
Michael Brown. How the author has cultivated a garden that connects him to the land, to his Jewishness, and to God, planting parsley and horseradish for Passover; ornamental corn and gourds for Sukkot; grapes and wheat for the Sabbath. Summer 2004.
Richard H. Schwartz. High meat consumption and the ways in which meat is produced today conflict with Judaism in at least six important areas. Fall 2003.
Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis. The failure of kashrut to capture the imagination of the modern Jew reflects a failure to communicate its moral philosophy and poetry; kashrut is about the way we understand nature and human nature. Summer 1995.

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