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Quotable: In Print

“This bill…[will] tarnish Israel’s image as a state committed to democratic values. It is our hope that the Israeli Supreme Court will uphold Israel’s tradition of personal liberty and strike down the legislation.”
—URJ President Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie, in response to Knesset legislation which will allow for civil proceedings against individuals or organizations found to be instigators of anti-Israel boycotts, and will bar companies that participate in such boycotts from bidding for Israeli government tenders

“Because the choices we make when we extract and use energy affect people’s lives and the planet’s wellbeing, for generations to come, there is no bigger moral issue facing humanity today.”
—Rabbi Daniel Swartz, spiritual leader of Temple Hesed in Scranton and vice president of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light. In 2011 the interreligious group, comprised of 50 congregations and 100 individuals, issued a four-page “ethical analysis” that opposes Marcellus Shale gas well development because of its environmental and health risks, among other reasons.


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