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Quotable: The Blogs

“The miracle of the oil was excluded from the Mishnah by its editor Yehudah Ha-Nasi. And if it wasn’t good enough for Ha-Nasi, there is little justification for Reform Jews to give it any credibility. The lighting of the Temple Menorah and the eight-day celebration—influenced by the missed celebration of Sukkot because of war—are valid historical reasons to celebrate Chanukah, as is the “miracle” of the victory of the few over the many, celebrated in the al nissim prayer. The notion of the Maccabees fighting for religious freedom and tolerance also doesn’t pass muster. They were fighting for the survival of Judaism, pure and simple.”
—William Berkson, on

“At least in my time zone, Chanukah arrives this year just a week shy (and a minute off) of the earliest Shabbat of the year….There is something engaging for me about this— it might be my penchant for all things comic book and sci-fi—that we will be brightening the darkest days of the year. In my mind, for the eight days of Chanukah the epic battle will be waged to fight back the forces of darkness....”
—Leon Adato, on


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