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Prelude to Prayer
by Charles R. Krivcher

Dear God,

Thank you for bringing me to this day; for the gifts of life, health and strength, home, love and friendship, and for the innumerable blessings which you bestow upon me seemingly without fail. I am especially grateful for the relationships in my life and ask for your continuing guidance in an effort to always steward them honestly. Empower me to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate and as your devoted student, teach me humility without necessarily bringing me to my knees. I fervently pray for a time when all people will feel your presence, when corruption and evil shall give way to purity and goodness and when the natural rights of all persons are recognized as unalienable. As I remember those who have gone before me and the blessings of their lives, I sense that they are with me now. Grant me the courage to look straight into the mirror and the wisdom to understand that the reflection I see represents the entity most responsible for making my life a blessing as well. Teach me to pray as if everything depends upon you and to act as if everything depends upon me! Amen.


Union for Reform Judaism.