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Finding the Right Balance

Given our human tendency to engage in unhealty practices, going from one
extreme to another without fulfillment, how can we keep our lives in balance?
An overview from Jewish tradition and three personal stories offer some insights.

Everying in Moderation...Except Moderation
by Edythe Mencher
The Jewish Rx for a healthy life is cultivating a middle path.

Productivity vs. Procreation
by Juliana Schnur
How do I balance my work with what it takes to meet Mr. Right?

Self-Indulgence vs. Self-Denial
by Aron Hirt-Manheimer
I have long made a virtue of doing for others. I resolved to put myself first for a change.

Not More Than My Place; Not Less Than My Space
by Laura Geller
How do I balance the desire to be acknowledged while making space for others to shine?


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