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Helpline: Saving $$

Q: How can our temple save money on office supplies?

A: As a member of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), take advantage of URJ negotiated pricing. OfficeMax will give U.S. congregations the lowest verifiable pricing for office supplies; Canadian congregations receive the same benefits through Grand and Toy, OfficeMax’s Canadian subsidiary. In addition, any Reform Jew who belongs to a Union-affiliated congregation can receive these 25–35% savings on all purchases by presenting his/her “Digital Retail Connect” card at an OfficeMax store. Visit  

If you need computer supplies, Dell Computer provides Union congregations and their members with the same discounts received by its own employees—up to 12% savings on selected products as well as discounted or free shipping. For copier needs, a Toshiba-URJ partnership offers congregations volume discount pricing and a FedexOffice-URJ arrangement allows for up to a 67% savings on copies; FedexOffice also provides a 15% discount on document services. Go to  

Q: Can we also save on insurance premiums?

A: Yes. Church Mutual Insurance Company, Felsen Insurance Services, and Frank Crystal & Company offer U.S. Reform congregations competitive, discounted rates on specialized insurance products. Visit (Unfortunately, offering this type of program to Canadian congregations is difficult because of stringent Canadian insurance laws.)

To explore other Union savings programs:  


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