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Campus Life 206: 6 Trip Tips

  • Make sure your group has independent status, which accords it credibility among all communities of interest.

  • Seek out a wide range of local community support, including synagogues, mosques, and churches.

  • Find students committed to authentic dialogue, deep engagement, and civil debate. Make sure your group is equally balanced by choosing students representing different sides of the issue. To foster closer relationships, limit the number of participants to twenty.

  • Seek out experts in travel to the Middle East and key local contacts to help set your agenda and create a meaningful itinerary. Make sure every interested participant agrees in advance to the itinerary as well as security arrangements.

  • Stress student leadership and respectful group interactions. Every night spend an hour discussing the day’s events.

  • Stay at smaller hotels or inns where the atmosphere is more friendly and personal.

- Marla Fisher, staff writer at the Orange County Register


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