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Web Exclusive: Tips and Resources for Making Your Congregation
More Accessible for the Deaf

1. For ideas on how to make synagogues more welcoming and accessible, contact national organizations for the deaf and hard of hearing such as: Jewish Deaf Congress - Marla Berkowitz,

National Association for the Deaf -

Self Help for Hard of Hearing People -

2. Check your local library for lists of disability organizations and for different types of aids that can enhance access to religious services. Examples include assistive listening devices for individuals who wear hearing aids.

3. Learn about the URJ Disabilities Project. Visit

4. Find out if your synagogue is participating in “Accessible Congregational Campaign: Access: It Begins in the Heart,” a project of the Religion and Disability Program of the National Organization on Disability (N.O.D.). Visit; and on the sidebar click on the link for Religious Participation. Scroll down to Accessible Congregations Campaign.

5. Consider establishing a fund to raise money for accessibility aids and seek out grants.


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