Reform Judaism magazine - World's Largest Circulated Jewish Magazine 1st Place Award Winner for Excellence in Jewish Journalism and a Benefit of Membership in a Union Congregation

Making the Most of Our Movement's Magazine

We hope you are familiar with the award-winning Reform Judaism magazine, which offers great insight into issues important to our Movement. The Union for Reform Judaism is pleased to now offer member congregations up to 50 free bulk copies of Reform Judaism magazine per issue, for any or all of the following uses:

  • Continuing education classes using magazine content (with a study guide). Note that the Summer 2011 edition will feature extensive behind-the-scenes coverage on the changes in Reform Judaism since its inception.
  • Jewish knowledge classes (Intro to Judaism, Taste of Judaism, conversion classes, etc.)
  • Confirmation classes
  • Part of a new member welcome kit
  • To engage prospective members
  • To give to current members who have requested the magazine be sent directly to the congregation
  • To reach former members (to be sent a magazine approximately six months after their resignation with a “we miss you!” letter)
  • Distribution at events
  • Other (let us know how you plan to use the magazine)

Please fill out the form below to request your complimentary copies. We will automatically send you the same number of magazines each quarter. After your first shipment, if you find that your programmatic needs change and you would like to revise the number of magazines you receive, please contact

When your first magazines arrive, please look at these programmatic resources so that you can make the most of this opportunity. For example, if you plan to use the magazine in member welcome packets, we are providing you with a letter that explains how this new member is now part of the entire Reform Movement, and that the magazine serves to connect each of our 1.5 million members.

We will also send a follow-up email to see how you have been using the magazines. We would greatly appreciate your feedback at that time.

And don’t forget, Reform Judaism magazine is always available online at

If you have further questions, please contact Annette Powers at

Union for Reform Judaism.