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1st Place Award Winner for Excellence in Jewish Journalism and a Benefit of Membership in a Union Congregation


Conscience & Combat
by Bernard Edinger
Israel’s "Purity of Arms" combat code--one component of the Israel Defense Force’s Code of Ethics (The Spirit of Tsahal)—has come under close scrutiny ever since the outbreak of the Intifada seven years ago. How has the military code held up in an age of terror? Also featured: "War & Peace: A Jewish Religious Perspective."

Conscience & Combat Discussion Guide
by Alan D. Bennett
Designed for congregational and home study, this discussion guide to "Conscience & Combat" and "War & Peace: A Jewish Religious Perspective" provides background information, questions for discussion, a bibliography, and more.

Don't Be Deceived
a conversation with Nonie Darwish
The daughter of a high-ranking Egyptian officer assassinated by Israeli intelligence exposes the lies Muslim children are taught about Jews, reveals that even moderate Arabs tacitly support the radical Muslim line—and calls on all Arabs to support Israel.

The Civilized Diet
a conversation with Rabbi Simeon J. Maslin
Every sensitive human being should evolve a personal dietary regimen guided by ethical considerations—call it ethical kashrut.

Cooking: Summertime... & the Grilling is Easy
by Tina D. Wasserman
Grilling or BBQ--the modern version of the oldest method of cooking, dating all the way back to the Stone Age--is now the most popular way to prepare meat in Israel. Recipes include: Sate Manis (Indonesian Skewered Meat), Sauce Sate Katjang (Spiced Peanut Sauce), and Grilled Fish with Spice Rub.

Dear Reader: Our Jewish Imperative in Iraq

by Eric H. Yoffie
When confronted with issues of great moral urgency, the Reform Movement has always spoken out. We were not indifferent to the complexity of the issues, but we felt we could not responsibly remain silent. What was true then is true today.

The Other Shulman, Lions HoneyBook Reviews: Heroes & Culture
by Bonny V. Fetterman
Fetterman reviews The Other Shulman: A Novel by Alan Zweibel, Lion’s Honey: The Myth of Samson by David Grossman, and Words on Fire: The Unfinished Story of Yiddish by Dovid Katz.

Rembrandts Jews, Rashis DaughtersBooks: For Discussion
by Bonny V. Fetterman
The Union for Reform Judaism recommends two Significant Jewish Books each quarter for individuals and book groups. This issue’s selected books are Rembrandt’s Jews by Steven Nadler and Rashi’s Daughters: Book I: Joheved by Maggie Anton.

Nova ScotiaTravel: Discovering Nova Scotia
by Aron and Judy Hirt-Manheimer
The spirit of Jewish Nova Scotia lives on—in those who have chosen to remain, in those who have moved on, in those who remember, and, as songwriter Leon Dubinsky reminds us, "in the voices of our song."

Union & You: The 2006-2007 Year in Review
by Donald Cohen-Cutler
Thousands of young people’s lives are indelibly changed by the Reform Movement’s youth programs. Four such individuals are profiled: Jonathan Miller, 38, once NFTY President, now Kentucky State Treasurer; Stephanie Wolfson, former Eisendrath International Exchange program participant, now a lay leader of Congregation Or Ami in Calabasas, California; Abby Zemel, former camper and counselor at URJ Greene Family Camp in Bruceville, Texas, now the youth director of Congregation Rodeph Shalom in NYC; and Ariel Johnston, Carmel Israel program participant, who has since made aliyah and lives on Kibbutz Yahel.

Comics4Kids: Dave Danger, Action Kid
by Arie Kaplan, illustrations by Leela Corman
Episode #8: A Sabbath Out of This World!

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