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Racing Toward Armageddon
a conversation with Shabtai Shavit
The former director of Israel’s Mossad responds to questions about Iran’s military capabilities and ideological intentions: What makes Iran so great a threat, from whom is Iran acquiring technical assistance, who does Iran want to destroy and why, how will Israel stop Iran from carrying out its intentions, what can be done to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and why Shavit believes the “good guys will win at the end of the day.”

Sounds of Kaddish
a conversation with Andrew Bernard
Join us on a musical journey through Kaddish, from Leonard Bernstein’s and Maurice Ravel’s contemporary compositions to the melodies that have become essential to our worship experience.

Online Exclusive: Listen to Bernstein, Ravel, and Other Sounds of Kaddish Here!
These music track descriptions will enhance your listening experience.

Sounds of Kaddish: Study & Discussion Guide
by Andrew Bernard
This discussion/study guide to “Sounds of Kaddish”/listening tracks features new musical ideas, questions for discussion, and much more.


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The Toby Press/Rogov’s Guide to Israeli Wines 2007 (

The Long Winding Road to World-Class Wine / Daniel Rogov
The Top 50 Kosher Wines in the World / Daniel Rogov (click on PDF)
Kosher Reds: 12 Best Buys / Daniel Rogov (click on PDF)
The Wine Lover's Passover Meal / Tina Wasserman

Mitzvah: The Holy Act that Saved Baby Jax
by Elisa Schindler
For Ken and Ellen Blair, it was the call that every parent dreads most….For my brother Jonathan and his wife Heather, it was the call they were praying for. Mount Sinai Medical Hospital had obtained a donated liver for my ailing 5 ½-month nephew Alexander Jack (Jax). Also: “The Fear Factor” by Rabbi Lisa Grushcow.

Dear Reader: The True Shining Stars

by Eric H. Yoffie
There is no reason for a famous person who just happens to be Jewish to command special respect, particularly if that person is not a practicing Jew. I suggest that we save our admiration for celebrities and for all others—famous or not—who live their daily lives devoted to the transmission of our precious heritage from one generation to the next.

Learning: Moses in Santa Fe
by Nahum Ward-Lev
At its core, our beit midrash is an opportunity for connection and authentic relationship in the context of studying sacred texts. As one learner has said, “Torah is not simply the words of the text. Torah is how these words are understood and lived in community.”

WEB EXCLUSIVE: How to Start Your Own Beit Midrash
by Joan Glazer Farber
Free guidelines and tips for a successful program.

Books: Reviews

by Bonny V. Fetterman
Fetterman reviews The Changing Face of Anti-Semitism: From Ancient Times to the Present Day by Walter Laqueur, The Bomb in the Basement: How Israel Went Nuclear and What That Means for the World by Michael Karpin, and Mendel’s Daughter: A Memoir by Martin Lemelman.

Books: For Discussion

by Bonny V. Fetterman
The Union for Reform Judaism recommends two Significant Jewish Books each quarter for individuals and book groups. This issue’s selected books are Someone to Run With by David Grossman and Maimonides by Sherwin B. Nuland.

Fiction Prize: Introducing Tamar Yellin
Tamar Yellin’s book of short stories, Kafka in Bronteland and Other Stories (Toby Press, 2006), has been awarded the Reform Judaism Prize for Jewish Fiction. Read an excerpt from the book and an interview with Yellin, who looks “in on my Jewishness and on my Englishness, my Yorkshireness, from the outside.”

Comics4Kids: Dave Danger, Action Kid

by Arie Kaplan, illustrations by Leela Corman
Episode #7, “The 4 Daves!”

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dave Danger Activity/Discussion Guide by Stephanie Douglass
This Dave Danger Activity Guide, designed for congregational religious school teachers as well as parents, features activities, lessons, discussion questions, and much more.

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