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1st Place Award Winner for Excellence in Jewish Journalism and a Benefit of Membership in a Union Congregation
FALL 2007

Reform Judaism MagazineA Black Hole in His Soul
by Anonymous
He was wedded, not to wife and children, but to drugs. He could no more abandon his habit than they could abandon him.

Compassion Is the Best Medicine
A conversation with Rabbi Edythe Mencher
We may need to redefine “success.” Rather than “solving the problem,” success may mean moving the person from utter despair to a semblance of hope.

Recovery in Relationship
A conversation with Rabbi Jack H Bloom
One person alone or psychotherapy alone does not change anyone— change comes out of relationship, and relationship is a sometimes thing.


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Perspective 100: Developing the Skills for a Successful Life / Leon Botstein
Admissions 101: Choosing the Right School for You / Sherri Geller
Admissions 102: Making the Most of Your College Visit / Sherri Geller
Admissions 103: What To Do on Your Interview / Sherri Geller
Admissions 104: Answers for Non-A Students / Judith Berg
Campus Life 008: Hip Hillel Happenings / Aviva Perlman
Financing 606: Loan Lessons / John Boshoven
College Choices 060: The Top 60 Schools Jews Choose (PDF)
College Choices 020: The Top 20 Schools by Percentage of Jews (PDF)
Campus Life 009: The Roommate Survival Handbook / Scott Aaron
Campus Life 010: The Confident Response to "Reform Bashing" / Jonathan Klein
Campus Life 011: Soup Up Your Jewish Comfort Zone / Jonathan Klein
Campus Life 012: Healthy Body, Keen Mind / Daphne Oz
Campus Life 013: You Can Shape the Israel Climate on Campus / David Harris and Erielle Reshef
Campus Life 014: Jewish Adventures for All Seasons / Jennifer Gubitz


Truth or Consequences
by Ruth H. Sohn
Jewish law commands us to hold up the mirror of truth to a person who is doing something wrong or disturbing to us—or our simmering resentment could lead to a variety of harmful actions we might later regret.

Truth or Consequences Study & Discussion Guide
by Alan D. Bennett
This discussion guide to "Truth or Consequences"--for both adults and religious school students--includes an overview, Jewish thought, questions for discussion, a bibliography, and more.

Sounds of Kol Nidre
Marsha Bryan Edelman on this beloved melody. Online Exclusive - Hear the Recordings!

Online Exclusive! Liner Notes for the Kol Nidre Recordings

Fighting Terrorism on the Basketball Court
Dr. Boaz Ganor on denying terrorists an ultimate victory.

by Robert Orkand
A Christian-Muslim-Jewish pilgrimage to the Holy Land changed us all.


My Favorite Biennial:
Changing a Movement

by Michael Rankin

My Favorite Biennial:
Finding My True Path

by Cookie Lea Olshein

December 12-16:

by Elliott Kleinman & Shelley Lindauer

See the City:
Jewish Destinations

by Donald Harrison

Online Exclusive: Walking Tours
by Donald Harrison

See the City: 10 Top Attractions
by Donald Harrison

Study: A Sisterhood of Scholarship
This December, at its 46th Assembly in San Diego, Women of Reform Judaism will release The Torah: A Women’s Commentary, written solely by women, as a companion to The Torah: A Modern Commentary (both URJ Press). RJ editor Aron Hirt-Manheimer interviewed Dr. Tamara Cohn Eskenazi, HUC-JIR Professor of Bible and editor of the new commentary, on its genesis and significance.

Cooking: Why Apples and Honey?

by Tina Wasserman
Apples and honey—for Ash­kenazic Jews, these words are an inseparable pairing. We dip a slice of apple in honey to express our hopes for a sweet and fruitful year. Why were apples and honey chosen for this custom? The featured recipes: Rosh Hashanah Noodle Kugel, Apples and Honey Cake, Bread Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce, and Fresh Apple Cake.

Dear Reader: The College Chase
by Eric H. Yoffie
I hear many complaints that our kids are out of control—that they spend too much time playing video games, watching reality TV, and experimenting with sex before they are ready. Why is this happening? The experts usually conclude that we expect too little of our kids.

My view is that we expect too much. And maybe we expect the wrong things.

Chairman's Message: Our Proud & Principled History
by Robert Heller
The Union for Reform Judaism’s 2005 Biennial resolution on Iraq and the Executive Committee’s update of the resolution last March were passed after much deliberation. I am proud that our leadership debated the war, although I know it was painful for those who feared losing members and donors if the Union spoke out on this issue. Without revisiting the merits of the resolutions, I want to provide some historical context.

My Opinion: I'm Ashamed of the Iraq Resolution

by Steven Z. Leder
I don’t embarrass easily. But the Union for Reform Judaism’s resolution calling for an “expeditious withdrawal of United States troops from Iraq” did the trick.

Books - Reviews
by Bonny V. Fetterman
Reviews of The Modern Jewish Mom's Guide to Shabbat, by Meredith L. Jacobs; You Never Call! You Never Write! A History of the Jewish Mother by Joyce Antler; Hours of Devotion: Fanny Neuda’s Book of Prayers for Jewish Women edited and adapted into verse by Dinah Berland; A Recipe for Success: Lizzie Kander and Her Cookbook by Bob Kann; In Our Own Voices: A Guide to Conducting Life History Interviews with American Jewish Women edited by Jayne K. Guberman; Jewish Women Pioneering the Frontier Trail: A History in the American West by Jeanne E. Abrams; and The Rabbi’s Wife: The Rebbetzin in American Jewish Life by Shuly Rubin Schwartz.

Books - For Discussion
by Bonny V. Fetterman
The Union for Reform Judaism recommends two Significant Jewish Books per quarter for individuals and book groups, and provides a Study and Discussion Guide for each. The selected books: Those Who Save Us: A Novel by Jenna Blum and How to Read the Jewish Bible by Marc Zvi Brettler.

Family: Our Own Torah

by David Grebber
During our temple’s sanctuary renovation several years ago, I was given the privilege of storing one of Beth Shalom’s five Torahs in our house.

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