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The Arabic Lesson

by Ruth Sohn
“Here I am, a Jew, a rabbi, and a woman embarking on a 6-month stay in Cairo. How will Egyptians react to me when they learn my true identity? And will we be able to bridge our parallel conflicting narratives of the Israeli-Arab divide?”

The Arabic Lesson: Discussion & Study Guide
by Alan Bennett
This discussion and study guide to "The Arabic Lesson" and the three focus articles that follow contains an article summary, Big Ideas to consider, questions for discussion, a bibliography, and more.

a conversation with Reuven Firestone
As human beings, we naturally expect other people to have a similar outlook on the world. It’s a natural but false expectation.

The Ecstasy of Rage
by Yossi Klein Halevi
Sometimes the qualities that we think of as our best, our most spiritual, are actually the very qualities we need to overcome.

The Compassionate Heart
by Thich Nhat Hanh
When you understand the difficulties, the suffering, the despair of the other person, you don’t hate him or her anymore.

Answering the Call
by Daniel Reisel
The call up to emergency army service came today at my father's house in Israel. The recorded message politely instructed me to meet the following day at a base in the north. I was supposed to punch in a specific code in order to confirm that I had received the order. Although I did as instructed, the machine continued to call at regular intervals through the evening. I should have known. This is a Jewish army. It doesn't command. It nags.

by Dan Fleshler
Was defending Israel the motivating factor behind the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq?

Dear Reader: The Art of Welcoming
by Eric H. Yoffie
When Jews enter our gates, we need to embrace them, welcome them with unconditional acceptance, invite them to our homes for Shabbat dinner, share with them our enthusiasm for Torah, and, of course, treat them with love and respect always.

Cooking: Malangas & Mangoes
with a Cuban Minyan

by Tina Wasserman
Returning from a congregational tour of Cuba, Tina Wasserman shares some of the Jewish culinary traditions she learned while on the island. Recipes include Frituras de Malanga, Mojo Sauce (an online exclusive), Grilled Chicken Breasts with Sofrito, and Sofrito Sauce.

Books: Reviews

by Bonny V. Fetterman
Fetterman reviews David and Solomon: In Search of the Bible’s Sacred Kings and the Roots of the Western Tradition by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman; Understanding the Hebrew Bible: A Reader’s Guide by Elliott Rabin; How to Read the Bible by Marc Zvi Brettler; The Personhood of God: Biblical Theology, Human Faith and the Divine Image by Yochanan Muffs.

Books: For Discussion
by Bonny V. Fetterman
The Union for Reform Judaism recommends two Significant Jewish Books each quarter for individuals and book groups, and provides a discussion/study guide for each book at This issue’s selected books are Ester and Ruzya: How My Grandmothers Survived Hitler’s War and Stalin’s Peace by Masha Gessen; and Heir to the Glimmering World by Cynthia Ozick.

Comics4Kids: Dave Danger, Action Kid

by Arie Kaplan; illustrations by Leela Corman
Episode #6, “The Museum Menorah Miracle”

Dave Danger Activity/Discussion Guide

by Stephanie Douglass
This inaugural Dave Danger Activity Guide, designed for congregational religious school teachers, features activities, lessons, discussion questions, and much more.

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