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1st Place Award Winner for Excellence in Jewish Journalism and a Benefit of Membership in a Union Congregation

Spring 2006

13 Ways To Become a Good Person
by Joseph Telushkin
Jewish pointers on living a good and ethical life.

Perfection Is Not the Goal
by Jan Katzew
When it comes to character, perfection is not an expectation in Jewish tradition.

Character: A Discussion Guide
by Alan D. Bennett
This study guide for the “Character” Focus section contains background information, questions for discussion, and additional resources.

I, Jacob
by Peter Pitzele
The perfection against which I, Jacob, had for so long measured myself exists nowhere.

Whistleblowing in Washington
by Jesselyn Radack
I was convinced that the Justice Department had acted illegally in the “American Taliban” case. My Jewish conscience compelled me to act.

A Torah of the Heart
by Eric Yoffie
Love of Torah flows from the embrace of those who teach it.

Rabbi Bulman's Kiss & Other Lessons of a Newport News Childhood
by David Ellenson
Flawed human beings are nevertheless capable of repairing the world.

Still Trying To Be a Mensch
by Jack Stern
Character is a lifelong work in progress.

How To Become the Person You Want To Be
by Edythe Mencher
What we can learn from a gentle shepherd in ancient Israel, the mother of an ill child, and an executive who put job before family.


Justice at the Center
by Stephanie Bernstein
I always tried to put justice at the center of my life—and then I lost my husband on the Pan Am flight destroyed by terrorist bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Blessings of the Heart
by Samuel Karff
Although I only met my maternal grandmother, Manya Margalith, three times, she taught me one of the most powerful messages of my life.

Great-Grandfather's Blessings
by Helene Ferris
What my great-grandfather and, more recently, my congregants have taught me about what it means to act ethically and with courage.

All in a Day's Work
by Bonny Fetterman
One day, a clerk approached my father for a favor: would my father give his son a job so he could get out of prison?

Pipeline to Peril
by Richard L. Rubenstein
How Europe’s surrender in the face of the 1973 oil embargo turned the continent against Israel and set off a wave of violence against Jews.

Cooking: Hamantashen: The First Thousand Ears 
by Tina Wasserman
Tracing the history of Hamantashen, poppy seeds, and prune fillings.  Plus—recipes for “Haman’s ‘Ears,’” “Mohnbrodt,” and “Hamentashen de Panema,” along with instructions on how to shape a perfect Hamantashen.

Dear Reader: Recognizing Non-Jewish Heroes in Our Midst
by Eric H. Yoffie
Those spouses who involve themselves in synagogue activities, support the Jewish activities of husbands or wives, attend Jewish worship, and—most important of all—commit to raising Jewish children are heroes of Jewish life.

Books: For Discussion
by Bonny Fetterman
The Union for Reform Judaism recommends two Significant Jewish Books per quarter for individuals and book groups, and provides a Study and Discussion Guide for each.  The selected books: Bread Givers: A Novel by Anzia Yezierska and Wise Men & Their Tales: Portraits of Biblical, Talmudic, and Hasidic Masters by Elie Wiesel.

Books: Reviews
by Bonny Fetterman
Reviews of A History of the Jews in the Modern World by Howard M. Sachar and The Journey That Saved Curious George: The True Wartime Escape of Margret and H.A. Rey by Louise Borden.


Fiction Prize: Introducing Jonathan Rosen, 2005 Prize Winner, Reform Judaism Prize for Jewish Fiction 
Q & A with Jonathan Rosen, author of Joy Comes in the Morning, on why he chose a woman rabbi to tell a story about contemporary Jewish religious life, the quandaries of being a Jew today, and what it means for joy to come in the aftermath of great suffering.  

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